What Type of Companies and Organisations Use 0844 Numbers?

There are a lot of numbers that a company purchases that are not geographically linked to any region. These numbers may be termed as service numbers. Companies and organizations commonly purchase them for service-based calls.

Some packages and numbers are purchased. However, there are few common ones, and one of the widely used ones are 0844 numbers. They are used by companies to generate revenue which can be obtained from the service calls they make.

These kinds of number services are used by customer call services, travel and ticket booking services, information lines. The only requirement is these kinds of services do not apply to the mobile phone.

Hence, there is a need for a landline, which will earn you instead of paying back.

Part 1: Companies And Organizations That Use 0844 Numbers

With businesses widespread in countries, there are undoubtedly a lot of service-based companies that offer support and the facilities to its customers.

With such extensive networks, there are ways companies find a rebate. 0844 numbers are one of the solutions to generate extra revenue.

Services that offer information, assistance for travel and ticketing, or pre-sales service may opt for such number systems. Other than that, customer care services are also a sector that gets benefits from such services.

Part 2: Why Organizations Use 0844 Numbers?

0844 numbers are no extraordinary service. They are the same as the single telephone numbers. The variable digits vary and hence 08441, 08442, etc. may change but 0844 is constant in such services.

The 0844 numbers are not geographically linked to any areas, and they charge for incoming call services to the customers. However, even the customers do not have to end up paying too much for these calls. They will be spending the standard rates only.

The only requirement here is that these services work for landline services and not for mobile phones. 0844 numbers ensure that a business never misses calls. The missed call will lead to a penny missed, only loss of an opportunity.

To overcome this problem, organizations can opt for plans that will automatically divert the call to another telephone number or mobile number in case a call is missed in the first attempt.

Such services may also be assigned to fax lines that are attached to the PCs. For every email that is received as a fax, the paper prints the content. This means that the user can also get a rebate for every fax they receive.

Part 3: What Does Non-Geographic Numbers Be Used for?

The companies can use non-geographic numbers as it offers advantages under various fields. They have a number of services to help organizations give customer-friendly service.

The calls can be recorded, and automated responses can be given, there is no need for additional devices or software. The calls can be automatically recorded, and it ensures features wherein the calls are not left unattended.

During the times of heavy traffic, facilities are made so that anyone from a different geographical location may also access this. They do not have to let the customers wait to obtain service. Call forwarding or getting a 3rd party in between can also be done.

These types of options are great for businesses when they relocate. Since these numbers do not restrict the operation to a specific location, this does not change when the offices are shifted. The service can be given sitting from any location and hence there is no need to constantly switch telephone numbers.

All these are inclusive in the services we provide; you do not have to resort to extra software and hardware to get the service done.

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Using an 0844 Number?

The 0844 numbers do charge a certain amount. The charges of 0844 numbers are divided into two parts: service charges and access charges. The number of the provider sets the service charge. The access charge, on the other hand, is handed to the phone company.

Due to such variations, the amount varies for different users. Usually, the service charge rates vary. Now that is not usually something emptying the entire pocket amount.

On the other hand, the access charge is set by the phone. Every mobile phone company has issued its plan for costs.

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Part 5: How to Buy 0844 Numbers for Your Business?

As an organization, what if we tell you that you could earn for incoming calls? Now that’s something great, don’t you agree? 0844 numbers are perfect for your extra income. It is working for you while you work for your customers.

Service and customer care can get you earning. The more incoming calls you get, the more profit you earn. To avail this service, you don’t have to look at anyone else’s doorstep. You’ve hit the right door.

We, at WeNumber, are providing the service of buying all of these service-based numbers. 0844 is one of the commonly used numbers. Get in touch with us right now.

Browse through the plans we have formulated for your benefit and choose the one that suits you best. You can reach out to any member of our team to have your queries cleared. We are here to help you right away.


0844 numbers are service-based numbers which are used by service-based companies that wish to get some extra income for the customer care calls they receive. This means they are paid for the incoming calls they get.

The cost of the numbers is calculated in two parts – service and access charges. The access charges are provided to the mobile company, and hence the cost of 0844 numbers from mobile phone service providers are different.

At WeNumber, you can buy these packages that are created keeping in mind your requirements. With multiple options to choose from and the support from our team, you can choose what is best for you.