How Much Does an 0844 Number Cost to Call on Three?

If you are looking to make some extra revenue for your business from the incoming phone calls, the 0844 numbers are your best choice. However, from the perspective of your customers, what is 0844 cost three is a common question for these numbers. 

Lots of companies in the UK are using 0844 numbers to add extra revenue to their annual profits. Now, you also get the opportunity to use the 0844 number for your business.

When you own a 0844 number, you can easily make a 1p rebate for each minute a call may last. Thus, it’s simple math: the greater the number of incoming calls for UK businesses, the more the money a company will make from the rebate. 

Getting to Know 0844 Numbers

Today, we are going to answer how much an 0844 number costs to call on a Three telecommunication network in addition to how you can incorporate the number in your business.

If you have a business that needs a helpline number or a customer care number, it’s your one-stop solution. Having a 0844 can solve your problem and worries about the additional cost of running a toll-free number.

On the other hand, your customers don’t have to pay any extra cost when they are making a phone call to you.

As a result, it is beneficial for both the caller and receiver. As a business owner, you need to put a 0844 number on the landline so you won’t have to pay anything to the telecom service operator while still earning money from the call rebates. 

With the help of WeNumber, you can make memorable 0844 numbers from 3 Mobile for your business, which is easy to remember for your customers.

It makes sure that you take minimum effort from the very start to finish in finding and making your phone number.

Part 1: Is 0844 Free on 3 Mobile Network?

Three Mobile is one of the Network providers in the UK that puts its customers first over anything else. Thus, over the years, they have made the company a household name in the UK.

In addition to this, they also run a comprehensive network. This ensures their customers receive the best of the network connectivity from their favorite provider.

When it comes to most of the deals with Three Mobile, you get a range of a limited amount of minutes. When you are calling on 0844 numbers on mobile, you get an additional charge in addition to your cost per minute.

Part 2: How Much Do 0844 Numbers Cost on Three?

When you are using a contract, for example, a sim-only or say a Pay-As-You-Go pack, or making a phone call to 0844 numbers on 3 Mobile, you will be charged 45 pence for each minute. It is an extra charge which you have to pay.

In addition to the charges that have been chosen by the company that you are dialing in for support. As a result, you have to pay a charge.

When calling 0844 numbers on three, you will be charged with the standard access fee that equals 45 pence for every minute on all your Three Mobile Networks. The overall price will be accumulated and will be shown to you once you cut the call.

Breaking The Charge For Calling 0844 Number

The cost you have to pay for calling any of these numbers, such as 0843, 0844, and 0845, can be broken into two parts.

The first one is your access charge, which is going to your phone company network. The second one is a service charge, which is set by the provider of the telephone number.

Access Charge: Your phone company fixes the access charge, which you pay on per-minute rates. Likewise, the access charge remains the same for numbers starting from 084, 087, or 09. 

Even calls to directory inquiry services 118 will charge you the same access charge that you pay for 0844. The access charge is set by your telecom provider.

So, they vary depending on the provider you choose. Besides, Three 0844 access charge is 45 pence per minute.

Service Charge: The 0844 numbers cost three service charge is the part of your total call cost that is passed on to the organization you are calling or to their telecom provider. Service charge is used to help companies cover their cost for providing services. 

Moreover, companies have the freedom to select their charge rates from a range of expenses that were offered by the telecom provider. Here the charge that you need to pay depends on the company whom you are calling.

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Part 3: Are 0844 Numbers Free to Call From Abroad on Three?

As we already said, the telephone numbers using the 0844 prefixes mainly belong to companies and businesses in the UK.

Also, 0844 numbers three are non-geographical, the ones you use to call government agencies to get the required information or to vote in a reality show in the UK.

Companies use 0844 numbers for generating revenue as they are usually more expensive calls even when you are making a call on these numbers from the UK.

The NGN’s have come up with an agreement from telecom services from different nations. As a result, calling an NGN number from abroad would be more expensive than calling it from the UK. 

However, you can still make a call to a company even if you are elsewhere. Because all the 0844 numbers are mapped through a standard geographical number, which you can use to communicate with the company from abroad.

Most of the companies that use 0844 numbers also add ‘if calling from abroad.’ One of the easiest working examples of this condition can be found on the backside of your credit and debit card, where it is written what you need to do if your card is lost.


Now you know how much you will be charged when you are calling 0844 number from 3 Mobile Network. If you are a business looking to set up a new phone number for your customer care, having a 0844 cost three number means enjoying several benefits.

So, don’t overthink and get a unique 0844 number for your company. Start earning a rebate for your business in no time. WeNumber helps you with just that!