Are 0800 Numbers Free on EE?

People often ask- ‘Are 0800 numbers free on EE?’ If you have the same question, you have come to the perfect place. You will find all this information and other details about the 0800 numbers here.

Part 1: Is It Free to Call 0800 on EE?

Yes, 0800 numbers are completely free to call from EE mobile as well as landline.

0800 numbers are freephone numbers which charge no call costs regardless of which mobile network you are using.

Earlier, 0800 numbers were not technically completely free. While calls to 0800 numbers were not charged from landlines, these calls attracted certain rates when a user was using a mobile phone.

However, in recent telecom regulations, 0800 numbers cannot be charged by a provider, whether you are using a cellphone or a landline phone.

It is important to note that callers from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man islands will be charged when calling an 0800 number.

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Part 2: Who Uses 0800 Numbers?

Since 0800 numbers are freephone numbers, 0800 numbers are generally used by commercial organizations.

0800 numbers can be obtained by any organization, company, or an individual through various 0800 number providers (such as WeNumber).

Generally, the following institutions make most use of 0800 numbers:

Customer Services and Sales:

Most often, you will find that the customer service numbers of medium to large companies are always 0800 numbers. In fact, small businesses have started using 0800 numbers as well.

This is because companies want to save the costs on their customer’s end when the customer is calling them for queries or complaints. Further, telecom regulations have also prohibited companies from using premium charges numbers.

This has led to an increase in the number of companies who are preferring 0800 numbers over other choices.

Also, since 0800 numbers are non-geographic phone numbers, businesses can use these numbers in their offices all over the UK without being limited to any particular area.

NGOs and Charity Helplines:

NGOs and charity organizations have donors all over the country. Not just that but even the people who are seeking their help are spread throughout the geography.

Therefore, these organizations often use 0800 numbers so that their callers will not have to face any call charges when calling their offices.

Free Information Services:

Companies also assign 0800 numbers to their information channels so that the general audience is encouraged to call these channels free of cost.

Through these channels, the companies can provide with their pre sale product information, that can boost business growth for them.

Part 3: Are 0800 Numbers Free to Call From Abroad on EE?

While calling 0800 numbers in the UK is free on the EE network, it might not be the case when you are calling 0800 numbers from outside of the UK.

First of all, in order to call an 0800 number from abroad, you will have to add the UK country code (+44), the freephone code (800), followed by the seven digit phone number.

However, these calls are going to be charged at an international rate, so you should keep that in mind.

Part 4: How Can I Buy an 0800 Number for Business?

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Wrapping Up

If you wanted to know ‘are 0800 numbers free on EE?’, you have now found the answer here. You even know a way to get your own 0800 number too, which is going to be a lifesaver for your business.