What Are 0843 Numbers?

People have been getting a lot of missed calls from 0843 numbers in recent years. This often raises questions like ‘what are 0843 numbers’ and ‘who is using 0843 numbers’ in the UK. This article here will be your answer to all queries regarding 0843 numbers.

Part 1: What Are 0843 Numbers?

0843 numbers are premium rate numbers used by businesses situated in the UK. They are non-geographic numbers, which means that anyone in the UK can use these numbers without worrying about geographical limitations.

0843 numbers are a source of revenue for the company that owns them. This is because whenever someone calls this number, a portion of 0843 call cost is paid to the company.

Part 2: Who Uses 0843 Numbers?

Any business operating in the UK can use an 0843 number. However, due to telecom regulations, 0843 numbers cannot be used for after-sales customer care lines.

0843 numbers can be used for pre-sales information lines or for providing a service through a phone call. Examples of the latter include event booking, ticket sales, call conferencing, etc.

Since an 0843 number generates revenue for the business owner when someone calls them, 0843 number owners at times give a missed call to a set of people. When any of these people call them back, they earn a profit for each returned phone call.

Now you know why you have been getting missed calls from 0843 number recently.

Part 3: What are the Benefits of Choosing an 0843 Number?

There are several benefits for which you should consider switching to an 0843 number, if your needs are related to pre-sales information lines or providing services through a phone call.

  • Firstly, 0843 numbers generate revenue for a business. This is the major reason why businesses prefer using an 0843 number. A single 0843 number can create a profit of 7p per minute for every phone call received on the number.
  • Secondly, 0843 numbers are non-geographic numbers. This means that you could be situated anywhere in the UK and yet you will be able to use these numbers.
  • The non-geographic nature of the 0843 numbers comes in handy for virtual businesses as well. In case a business wants to shift its operation to a new location, they can still use the same 0843 number.

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How Can I Get an 0843 Number for My Business?

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Wrapping Up

Now you have your answer to the question ‘what are 0843 numbers?’ and other queries related to it. If you are looking for an 0843 number, you should check out all the things that WeNumber has in store for you.