What Are 03 Numbers?

Are you wondering ‘what are 03 numbers?’ Here is a detailed guide on 03 numbers, what they are, and who is using them.

More and more businesses are shifting to 03 numbers in the UK. This makes other business owners wonder about the benefits of 03 numbers and if it is worth using an 03 number for a business.

If you are thinking of buying an 03 number for your business, you should definitely read the information below:

Part 1: What are 03 Numbers?

03 numbers are non-geographic landline codes used in the UK by business owners, charities, and government departments. 

The non-geographic aspect means that anyone in the UK can use 03 numbers regardless of where they are located physically. This is unlike 01 and 02 landline codes which are limited to their particular areas.

Further, 03 calls to 03 numbers are charged at the rate of calls to any local landline phones, no matter where the caller is calling from in the UK.

Part 2: History of 03 Numbers

03 numbers were launched by Ofcom (UK’s telecom authority) in 2007 as a cheaper alternative from 08 numbers.

0800 numbers were freephone numbers which allowed the customers of a business to call the business for free. However, 0800 numbers turned out to be expensive for businesses.

There were other 08 numbers which were premium rate numbers. Customers had to pay extra service charges for calling on these numbers, which turned out to be expensive for customers.

Therefore, Ofcom introduced the 03 numbers in 2007 to provide a middle ground that ends up being cheap for both- the businesses and the callers.

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Part 3: Business Benefits of 03 Numbers

There are a lot of benefits for businesses who want to start using an 03 number or migrate to a new number from their old 08 number.

The primary benefit is that 03 numbers provide the callers with an incentive to make cheap calls to the business. All callers are aware of the call costs of 03 numbers, so the customers of the business will not complain about being charged any extra amount.

Further, 03 numbers are cheaper than free phone numbers. This can lead to savings in communication expenditure for the business.

Ofcom regulations also prohibit the use of premium rate 08 numbers (such as 0848) for the use of customer care lines. This is another reason why businesses are shifting to the 03 numbers.

Lastly, the supply of 03 numbers is currently huge and more and more businesses are catching up to it day by day. Therefore, there is a greater chance for you to get the phone number of your choice.

Part 4: 03 Numbers Call Cost for Business

The cost of calls made to 03 numbers is very cheap, as the calls are charged on the same rate as calls to local landline phones. This applies for both- calls from landline phones and calls from mobile phones.

In fact, if the caller has free minute balance in their account for calling landline phones, they can even make phone calls to 03 numbers completely free.

This reduced call costs to 03 numbers are an added incentive for businesses to shift to 03 numbers. 03 numbers greatly improve the engagement of a business with customer base.

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How to Get an 03 Number for My Business?

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all there is to learn about 03 numbers, along with the benefits of using these numbers for your business. If you are thinking of getting a phone number for your own business, go ahead with WeNumber right away!