What Type of Companies and Organisations Use 0845 Numbers?

Wondering who is using 0845 numbers in the UK? Here is all the information you need on 0845 numbers, including what these numbers are and which type of companies and organisations have an 0845 number.

Part 1: What Are 0845 numbers?

0845 numbers are non-geographic premium rate numbers. These are owned by businesses so their customers can call them regarding product information purposes or for providing a service such as call conferencing.

0845 numbers are called premium rate numbers because these numbers attract a higher call rate than ordinary phone calls. This is because, besides the usual calling fee, 0845 numbers also carry an access charge on phone calls.

The access charge of the call is a per minute charge that is levied for the service that you are using. The access charge is credited to the business which owns the number. Therefore, the 0845 numbers are used as a revenue stream by businesses.

Due to the higher charge for the customer and the revenue earned by the phone number owners, 0845 numbers were started being used by scammers.

People would get a missed call from an 0845 number. When they would call back, the number owner would earn a profit. These scams were becoming very popular in the UK.

This is why, Ofcom now prohibits the use of 0845 numbers for customer care lines. These can only be used for presale product information and for providing a service.

Part 2: Which Organisations and Companies Use 0845 Numbers?

Since 0845 numbers earn revenue for the number owner, these numbers are primarily used by companies that are providing a service through the call. These services include:

  • Conference Call Services
  • Pre-sale information channels
  • Event and Travel Bookings

0845 numbers are open to be used by any and all companies. However, as I mentioned before, their use is prohibited for customer care services. Further, scams involving 0845 numbers are also not allowed.

The use of 0845 numbers is not just limited to private companies. There are many other organisations, such as the NHS, that use the 0845 number. The Salvation Army also uses the 0845 numbers for queries regarding item collection

Part 3: Why Organisations Choose 0845 Numbers?

There are many reasons for organisations to choose 0845 numbers.

First of all, 0845 numbers are registered company numbers. Therefore, a customer knows that they are calling a registered organisation when they make a phone call to an 0845 number.

Further, although the cost of calling 0845 numbers is not free, 0845 numbers earn a lot of revenue for the company. Therefore, for the companies that are providing some service through a phone call, the revenue can be the primary incentive.

When it comes to pre-information lines, having an 0845 number can help an organisation cover some of the expenses of their sales team.

Part 4: Why are Organisations Moving Away from 0845 Number?

While the use of 0845 numbers is still prominent, there are several organisations that are moving away from these numbers. The primary reason for this is the telecom regulation that prohibits using this number for customer care lines.

Even though the use of 0845 number is permitted for information lines, there are many companies which refrain from using it. This is because companies want their customers to feel encouraged to make longer phone calls.

If a customer notices the higher rate that premium numbers such as 0845 attract, they are dissuaded from calling it. This can lead to a customer losing faith in a company and a company losing a potential customer.

Therefore, companies are moving towards other options such as ‘03’ numbers, which are non-geographic landline numbers cheaper for both – the customer and the company.

Another option that is trending among companies is the freephone number. These numbers are completely free for the customer to call.

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Part 5: How to Buy 0845 Numbers for Your Business?

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Since the number is completely virtual, you will not have to lay phone cables to your phone or inside your office.

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Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions that people ask regarding 0845 numbers. If you have any query, you will find it solved here:

1. Can I make a phone call to 0845 number using free minutes balance?

No, you cannot utilize the free minutes balance of your phone to make phone calls to 0845 numbers.

2. What is the area of the 0845 number code?

0845 numbers are non-geographic numbers. Anyone in the UK can use these numbers regardless of the area in which they are located.

3. Can I use an 0845 number for customer service of my company?

No, 0845 numbers are prohibited to be used for customer care purposes.

4. What should I do if I get a missed call from an 0845 number?

There are many scams concerning 0845 numbers where scammers give missed calls to earn revenue on the return calls. Therefore, you should only return the 0845 number calls of familiar phone numbers.

5. Can I call all 0845 numbers from abroad?

No, not all 0845 numbers are available for international calls. However, you can call most 0845 numbers from abroad. You should keep in mind that these calls carry a high call charge.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all the important things there is to know about 0845 numbers. You also know why companies prefer it and how you can get your own 0845 number instantly. Therefore, you should get yours too.