What Type of Organisations and Companies Use 0808 Numbers?

Do you want to know about 0808 numbers and who is using them? Here is detailed information that you must read concerning 0808 numbers and if you can get an 0808 number for your own company.

Part 1: What Are 0808 Numbers?

0808 numbers in the UK are non-geographic freephone number codes. This means that anyone in the UK can call these numbers from mobile or landline phones without any call costs.

0808 numbers were introduced to increase the phone number range of the already existing 0800 freephone numbers. A lot of businesses use the 0808 numbers to provide a convenient calling medium to their national customer base.

Part 2: Organisations and Companies That Use 0808 Numbers

0808 numbers are most commonly used by customer care departments of the British companies. They are also used by some UK government services as well.

0808 numbers do not need any specific usage permissions, so anyone can use these numbers without worrying too much about the requirements.

This is why more and more organisations are switching to 0808 numbers to satisfy their national customers.

Part 3: Why Organisations Choose 0808 Numbers?

There are a lot of reasons for which companies use the 0808 numbers over other options. The first and most important reason is that the cost of calling an 0808 number is free. Therefore, if a company has an 0808 number, the customers will appreciate that a lot.

Further, since 0808 numbers are non-geographic numbers, anyone in the UK can use these numbers freely without worrying about location constraints. Therefore, if a company has multiple headquarters, the 0808 number can be a single point contact for all of them.

Even if an organisation decides to move to a new headquarters, they can use the same 0808 number for their new location as well. Lastly, an 0808 number adds a professional flair to a business as well. 

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Part 4: Can I Use an 0808 Number for My Business?

Yes, 0808 numbers can be easily employed for your own company. Since 0808 numbers require minimum to no requirements, you can get an 0808 number without second doubts.

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You can choose the number code that you want and all the digits of your phone numbers too. The phone number that you get from WeNumber is activated instantly, unlike other number providers which ask you to wait for days to weeks.

The pricing plans of 0808 numbers are cheaper than any other that you will find online or offline. This is why you should go ahead and book your own 0808 number right away.

Wrapping Up

If you wanted to know about who is using an 0808 number, you have the answer. You can now feel free to have an 0808 number of your own for your business. WeNumber has a range of features that you should check.