What Type of Companies & Organisations Use 0330 Numbers?

0330 numbers are a special type of landline phone number used by different businesses and organizations. If you are interested in 0330 and who will use it, you could get a detailed introduction in this article.

Part 1: Who Will Use 0330 Numbers?

0330 numbers users are a various range of companies, from small scale to large scale ones. Generally, large scale companies tend to use these numbers more in order to save on the calling costs.

Since freephone numbers offer free calls to the customers, the discount is compensated by the company who have to bear the charges on their end. This makes the freephone numbers very costly to be used for handling large numbers of calls.

Especially when the customers are calling, the call times can go on and on. There is even a significant time spent on hold, which is included in the call cost.

Therefore, the 0800 numbers can be economically unfeasible, making the 0330 numbers to be the cheaper alternative.

On the other end of the scale, the premium rate numbers are not allowed to be used by companies, since the customers have to pay too much extra in order to make a phone call.

The 0330 number acts as a middle ground, so it is preferable by all sorts of companies.

A major example of companies that use the 0330 numbers are car breakdown assistance companies with RAC and Admiral car insurance companies. Calling to their 0330 numbers is even cheaper than calling a friend, which is a major plus point for them.

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Part 2: Why Organizations Choose 0330 Numbers?

We’ve already looked at who will use 0330 numbers, now let’s have a look at why people might want to pick a 0330 number.

Memorable number: Many businesses are looking for a phone number that their customers can remember easily, as they’re more likely to remember you. 

National image: Business owners are looking forward to getting a  national presence. With a 0330 number, you are able to reach a lot further in the UK.

Professional image: 0330 numbers assist you to build a professional image to attract more customers. Normally, customers are more likely to trust a business that has a dedicated number for their company over one that uses their mobile number.

How Can I Get an 0330 Number for My Business?

Many people are dedicated to having a virtual phone number since you do not have to get into the trouble of laying up phone cables to your office and inside it.

If you want to get an 0330 number for your business, you could definitely check our website.

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