How Much Do 0845 Numbers Cost to Call on O2?

Are you wondering how much it costs to call an 0845 number on O2? Here is all the information you need about calling 0845 numbers on O2 and a few other things that you will find helpful.

Part 1: Is It Free to Call 0845 Numbers on O2?

No, 0845 numbers are not free to call on O2 or any other mobile networks. People often confuse 0845 numbers with freephone numbers. That is, however, not the case.

In reality, 0845 numbers are premium rate numbers and it will cost a lot higher rate to call on these numbers.

Even if you have any type of free minutes in your O2 balance, you will still not be able to call an 0845 number for free.

Part 2: How Much Do 0845 Numbers Cost to Call on O2?

The call costs to 0845 numbers are divided into two parts. Firstly, there is a per minute call rate charged by O2 and benefitted to it. The second part is a service-surcharge, which is credited to the company that you are calling.

The service surcharge is levied to you for using the service that you will get when you call an 0845 number. This charge needs to be disclosed by the company before they are actually making the charges.

O2 charges a call rate of 55p per minute for calls to 0845 numbers, provided that you are a subscriber to O2’s pay monthly contract. If you are using O2’s Pay as you go service, you will be charged 45p per minute.

The service surcharge for the call can vary based on the company that you are calling. This surcharge can go up to 7p per minute.

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Part 3: Can I Call an 0845 Number from Abroad?

Yes, phone calls to 0845 numbers are possible even from abroad. However, these calls are charged at a higher rate, pertaining to international charges.

Therefore, if you are calling an 0845 number from outside of the UK, you should check your network provider’s international call rates. Further, not all 0845 numbers are accessible to be called from abroad.

When you are calling an 0845 number from abroad, you should remember to use the UK’s country code (+44), and omit the initial zero in the code making it to be 845. This is followed by the seven digit phone number of the company.

Part 4: Can Everyone Use an 0845 Number?

Yes, 0845 numbers can be used by all businesses. However, as these numbers attract a higher calling rate, they cannot be used for the purpose of customer care lines.

This is because of telecom rules and regulations which ask that every customer should be charged a fair price for the call when it is being done for customer care.

However, even so, 0845 numbers can still be used for information lines and providing call services like conferencing or ticket bookings.

Part 5: How Can I Get My Own 0845 Number?

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Wrapping Up

Now you know about the call costs of 0845 number on O2. You can calculate the 0845 number cost for your call based on the duration of the call and the service surcharge of the company that you are calling.