What Are 0800 Numbers?

Do you want to know about 0800 numbers and what they are? Here is detailed information on 0800 numbers, who is using them, and whether or not you would benefit from an 0800 number for your business. Therefore, without any waiting, here we go:

Part 1: What Are 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are freephone numbers used in the UK so customers can call a business without paying any call charges.

0800 numbers are used by companies of all scales in order to provide a convenient way to customers for contacting the company.

0800 numbers are non-geographic numbers that can be used by organisations all over the UK, regardless of where their headquarters are situated. This provides a company with a single point of contact for their whole organisation.

Part 2: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0800 Numbers?

The best thing about 0800 numbers is that the callers can make phone calls of any duration from their landline or mobile phones, and yet no call charges will be deducted.

Earlier, the free calling rates were applicable only to the calls made from landline phones. However, Ofcom extended these rules to apply to mobile phones as well. Therefore, now both landline and mobile phones benefit from the free calling rates of 0800 numbers.

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Part 3: What are the Benefits of 0800 Numbers?

There are countless benefits of 0800 numbers, both from the customer’s perspective and on the company’s end.

For the customer, 0800 numbers do not cost them anything to call a company’s customer care or information lines. Therefore, they are encouraged to call the company as much as they like. They can solve the queries that they have, without paying anything for it.

This gives a boost to the company’s sales as well as the company’s image. 0800 numbers add a more professional flair to the company. Most people are familiar with 0800 numbers, so people see 0800 number owner companies as a trusted one.

Further, since potential customers can call the company’s information lines as much as they want, they become familiar with the company’s product and services info. This leads to a greater possibility that the customer is going to buy the company’s product.

Part 4: How to Buy an 0800 Number?

Selecting a appropriate phone number is an important part of building your successful business plan. If you want an 0800 number for your business, buying it is easier than ever before with WeNumber.

WeNumber is a virtual phone number provider that lets you choose a phone number of your choice. You can select your number code as well as the next seven digits of your phone number.

The phone numbers of WeNumber come at the cheapest package as compared to any other phone number provider. All this comes with a range of additional features that are hard to find anywhere else.

Part 5: FAQs

If there are any questions that are present on your mind, you can refer to the FAQs below:

1. Can I call an 0800 number from landline phones without charges?

Yes, an 0800 number can be called from any landline phone without incurring call charges. You do not need free calling minutes in your balance to make this call.

2. Can I call an 0800 number from mobile phones without charges?

Yes, the cost of 0800 numbers on providers like EE is free, without paying any call charges.

3. Can I call an 0800 number for free from abroad?

Yes, 0800 numbers can be called from abroad. However, the calls to 0800 numbers from outside of the UK will be always chargeable. You should check with your service provider before making these charges.

4. How long does it take for an 0800 number to be activated?

Any phone number that you get from WeNumber is activated instantly. Other phone number providers ask you to wait from days to weeks.

5. Are 0800 numbers cheaper than 03 numbers?

0800 numbers are free to call for customers, but 03 numbers aren’t. However, for the company, buying an 0800 number can be costlier than buying an 03 number.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all there is to know about 0800 numbers. You can get your own 0300 number from WeNumber, and take your business to new heights.