How to Divert Calls From Landline to Mobile?

More and more people are shifting to owning virtual businesses or starting up a new venture. These people are often on the move to look for opportunities, and staying close to a landline can be hard.

Therefore, business owners need the freedom to divert calls made on their official landline numbers to their mobile phones. While many people wish so, very few of them realise that it is not just possible but, in fact, very easy to divert calls from landline to mobile.

This is what you are going to learn in this article. By diverting calls from your landline to your mobile, you can now be always accessible to your callers. Read below for more information on the same:

Part 1: Step by Step Guide on Diverting Calls from Landline to Mobile

Call forwarding is quite easy on a landline phone. Yet, it is a feature that very few people are aware of. If you want to divert calls from landline to another number, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick up the handset and make sure that you hear the dial tone.

Step 2: Dial the digits ‘21’, followed by the phone number to which you want the calls to be diverted, follow by the hash key (#).

Step 3: You will hear ‘service feature activated’, which means that your call forwarding feature is now ready.

It is a good idea to test the call forwarding feature by calling the landline from another number (different from the number to which the calls will be diverted).

The steps above can have some variations based on the network provider that you might be using. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that call diverting can incur additional costs, based on your network.

Part 2: What Are the Benefits of Diverting Calls for a Business?

For a business owner, every call can be a new opportunity or a sale waiting to happen. Therefore, it is important that they receive each and every call, no matter where they are.

However, if we go by the statistics, one out of two callers fail to leave a voicemail message if their call is not picked up. This can lead to a wasted opportunity for a business owner, something they might regret.

However, call diverting prevents this from happening. If someone is calling the landline number of the business, the call is forwarded to the mobile number of the business owner. Therefore, they can make full use of the opportunity or set up an appointment for later.

This also allows the business owner to avoid handing out their private mobile phone number to other people. Also, it looks much more professional to share an official phone number such as an 0800 number or an 03 number rather than a mobile number.

Part 3: What Kind of Business Owners Should Divert Their Calls?

Call diverting features are mainly used by virtual business owners and entrepreneurs. New business owners and virtual business owners want to have an official phone number, without having to get an office infrastructure or stay at one location at all times.

Additionally, business owners who are always on the move can also find call diverting service to be very useful. They might be working from more than one location, or they might need to visit several places to make their sales.

Therefore, call diverting comes out to be pretty useful in these situations. These business owners can freely share their official business phone number. Any call they get on these numbers can be received on their mobile phones, without the caller knowing about it.

In fact, these business owners are even using virtual phone numbers for their business to avoid going through the hassle of getting a phone line set up.

How Can I Get a Virtual Phone Number?

WeNumber is a virtual phone number provider that lets one choose a phone number of their own choice. It can be an 0800 freephone number, a premium rate number, an 03 number, or any other number that a business owner needs.

There are additional features that one can avail with the phone number, such as professional call answering service, call diverting, and much more.

More and more business owners are shifting to virtual phone number providers like WeNumber. Therefore, you should check it out as well.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to divert calls from landline to mobile phones, you should try it side by side before you forget the whole process. Better yet, you should check out the virtual phone numbers offered by WeNumber that are going to make your life a lot easier.

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