How Much Does It Cost to Call 0330 Numbers on Virgin?

Looking for 0330 numbers cost on Virgin mobile? You will find out about all the information you need here in this guide.

0330 numbers are just like any landline numbers in the UK when we are talking about costs. Therefore, the costs for calling on these numbers are similar to what other landline phones attract.

I will tell you about what these costs are when you are calling an 0330 number from Virgin mobile network. I will also tell you about how you can eliminate these costs.

Part 1: Are 0330 Numbers Free on Virgin?

If you are not considering the free minutes that your Virgin mobile plan offers you for calls on landline phones across the UK, calling 0330 numbers is NOT free.

0330 numbers carry a per minute charge when you are calling from the Virgin network. If you have free minutes on your Virgin number, you can then call an 0330 number for free.

Part 2: What Is the Cost to Call an 0330 Number on Virgin?

When you are calling an 0330 number from your Virgin device, the cost is the same as it would be when calling any ordinary landline number in the UK.

You can find out the cost of an 0330 number in the table below. These charges are not applicable if you have any special pack on your Virgin mobile that has free minutes for landline phones.

You should keep in mind that the call costs from Virgin can vary slightly based on the time of the day and the peak days.

Cost of a call to 0330 number on Virgin (excluding free minutes)

Virgin Channel Cost
Virgin Mobile 26p per minute
Virgin Media 12p per minute

You can now calculate how much it would cost you to call an 0330 number from Virgin. You could check Virgin’s monthly plan to learn the cost for data and text.

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Part 3: Which Companies Use 0330 Numbers in the UK?

0330 numbers are generally used by government organizations, charities, and non-profit organizations.

This is because 0330 numbers are landline codes but not restricted to any particular geography. Therefore, anyone can use an 0330 number without having to be confined to a particular geography in the UK.

Therefore organizations use the 0330 number as a centralized number for their offices in the entire UK.

Part 4: Can I Make an International Call to an 0330 Number?

Yes, it is possible to call an 0330 number from outside of the UK. It is similar to calling any landline number in the UK.

You just need to use the country code of UK (+44), followed by landline code with the initial zero omitted (330), followed by their seven digit number.

Part 5: Get Your Own 0330 Numbers Right Away

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all about the costs of calling 0330 numbers on Virgin mobile as well as Virgin landline. You also have a way of saving on these costs by getting a virtual 0330 number from WeNumber.

So what are you waiting for? Get an 0330 number for your business now!