What Type of Organisations and Companies Use 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are quite popular. You would assume that everyone would know about these freephone numbers. Yet, many people have doubts about them.

WeNumber has been in the business of selling 0800 numbers for a considerable time period. Our frontline salespeople often tell us the various queries raised by customers and the public. This article is a ready-reckoner on 0800 numbers where we will be answering such frequently asked questions.

Part 1: What are 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are national non-geographic freephone numbers where the receiver has to pay for the call while the caller is not charged anything.

The UK telecom regulator Ofcom had passed a landmark ruling on 1st July 2015, popularly known as ‘UK Calling’. This made calls to 0800 numbers free from both landline and mobile. Prior to this, it was only free on landlines, while customers incurred as much as 40 pence per minute when calling from mobile phones.

The business world’s interest in 0800 numbers increased in geometric progression after this ruling.

Part 2: Organisations and Companies That Use 0800 Numbers

0800 numbers can be purchased and used by anyone, be it small or large organisations or even individuals. Below, we have enumerated some common use cases of 0800 numbers:

Non-governmental Organisations

NGOs and charitable organisations typically use 0800 numbers because they are non-geographic as well as free to call.

They generally find other premium-rate numbers as too risky to use, because callers might doubt them if they make money from the incoming inquiry calls.

Sales & Marketing enquiry lines

Freephone numbers like 0800 have proved to be a great asset for sales and marketing teams. Customers don’t mind calling these numbers as it is free for them. Also, you get the credit for appearing as a ‘pan-UK’ entity.

Due to these reasons, you get much higher chances to convert the initial inquiries to a successful business for your company. When all else is equivalent, having a free to call number can prove to be an awesome tool to outpace your competitors.

Customer service

Companies often use 0800 numbers for customer service as well. When you try to solve customers’ issues with your product or service at no extra cost to them, it definitely boosts your brand image in their minds.

In turn, this will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and greater customer retention.

Information service lines

Many organisations use 0800 numbers for information lines so that these can be accessed by any customer, located anywhere in the UK, at free of cost. Tesco is one such prominent name that comes to mind.

Government Organisations

The government’s function is to serve the public. It is possible that many of its callers may not have the money to call them. Thus, many government organisations prefer to pick up the call cost themselves and relieve their prospective callers of any worry.

Part 3: Why Organisations Choose 0800 Numbers?

0800 numbers are very much sought after by organisations. This is because they bring along with them several advantages for your business. We’ve explained them below with practical examples:

1. As 0800 numbers are free for callers, prospective customers won’t think twice before calling them.

For example, let’s say a person wishes to call one of several companies for sales inquiry. The companies A, B, and C have a 0800 freephone number, 0844 type premium rate number.

Or a 0203 type number that is free but consumes the monthly allotted minutes allowance. If these companies are equivalent in all other respects, people are naturally inclined to call freephone numbers only.

2. 0800 numbers are non-geographic and hence not associated with any limited region.

They give out the impression that your business is present nation-wide. By using them, you can attract customers from all over the country, or even from abroad.

Your call volume will be comparatively much greater than in the case when you were using a local geographic type number.

For example, if your organisation has departments all over the country, you need not worry about having different numbers for different regions. You can have one single 800 number for the entire nation.

3. The organisations can redirect the calls that they receive on their 0800 number to any landline or mobile. It gives them amazing flexibility.

For example, even those organisations can use them that do not have a physical office in place.

4. Organisations are also attracted to 0800 numbers because they come along with several advanced features like email, voicemail, and call analytics that other normal numbers do not.

For example, a marketing team using an 800 number for its product advertising campaign can get statistical reports to analyze the success or failure of its campaign.

Part 4: What Are the Benefits of Using 0800 Numbers?

There are several benefits of using 0800 numbers. We have summarized them below:

  • Customers call you without hesitation: This is because calling you won’t cost them any money. It has been proven via several studies that customers are more likely to call 0800 numbers than other non-geographic numbers if everything else is at par.
  • More sales conversions possible: As you receive more inquiry calls, you have greater chances to convert prospects into your customers.
  • High awareness: It is believed that over ninety percent of customers in the UK are aware of the free of cost of 0800 numbers. So it is easy to incentive people to call your company.
  • Positive signal to customers: By the simple step of picking up call cost, you can signal to customers that you value them a lot. It is a good way to earn customer’s trust. It also projects a professional image in front of customers as they understand that you mean business.
  • National footprint: 0800 numbers don’t let the public know where you are calling from. You can advertise these numbers far and wide and lend your business a national footprint.
  • Divert calls anywhere you want: It is very easy to manage 0800 numbers as you can divert these calls wherever you want, be it a mobile or a landline.
  • Portability: Due to the non-geographic nature of 0800 numbers, you can keep your number even if you change your business location.
  • Call management features: Several 0800 number packages will come with interesting call management features that enable you to service your callers efficiently.

Part 5: How Can One Buy 0800 Numbers for Their Company?

You can get an 0800 number from a number of telecom companies. We at WeNumber also have an extensive collection of 0800 numbers. You can simply choose a memorable number from our range and we’ll get you started in no time!

We have made our offering much affordable than the ongoing industry rates, while taking care that you get the best features and services. Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

Part 6: How are Organisations Charged for 0800 Numbers?

As mentioned before, it is the receiving organisation that picks-ups the tabs for calls on 0800 numbers.

The charges incurred by the organisation will depend on various factors such as:

  • whether the customer has made this call from a landline or a mobile,
  • whether the organisation itself is redirecting this call to a landline or a mobile,
  • from which telecom provider has it rented this number, and,
  • whether the company is enrolled in any inclusive minutes plan, etc.

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Part 7: Are 0800 Numbers Totally Free for Callers?

Yes. Since 2015, calls to all 0800 numbers have been made totally free for callers.

It doesn’t matter which device they are calling from, be it a landline, mobile phone, or even payphone. It’s true without any regard to which network operator and which plan they are enrolled in.

Part 8: How to use 0800 Numbers?

You can call 0800 numbers in multiple ways. You can even call 0800 numbers from outside of the UK. All you need to do is prefix the number with UK’s code +44 or 0040, and skip the first zero of 0800. Dial the number as +44 800 xxxxxxx. Pretty easy, right?

You should take note of the charges, which vary depending on how you are calling. However, the cost of calling 0800 numbers from abroad are not free, irrespective of whether you are calling from a mobile or a landline.

You will be charged at a per-minute international rate defined by your operator, so check it out beforehand.


So now you understand why 0800 numbers are so popular?

0800 numbers are a great asset for sales, marketing, and customer service applications as they not only encourage new prospective customers to call you but also take you one step closer to retaining your current customers.

Not just this, they also shore up your organisation’s brand identity in your stakeholders’ eyes. If this article has tickled your interest, and you wish to buy one for your company, WeNumber can provide you low cost 0800 numbers from our extensive collection.

Along with the number, we also offer a host of other features and services, that will help your business scale greater heights!