What Type of Organisations and Companies Use 0333 Numbers?

Do you want to know about 0333 numbers and who is using them? Here is a detailed article on 0333 number users and how you can get an 0333 number for your own organisation.

Part 1: Which Organisations and Companies Use 0333 Numbers?

Before we understand the organisations and companies that use 0333 numbers, we must first understand what 0333 numbers are.

0333 numbers are non-geographic numbers that an organisation can use regardless of its location in the UK. 0333 numbers are charged at the call costs of local landline numbers, which give an incentive to callers to make as long a phone call as is needed.

Due to this benefit of 0333 numbers, they are mainly used by the companies that have a national presence in the UK.

These users include:

Medium to Large Scale Companies:

0333 numbers are used by big companies which have customers located all over the UK. since they have a national presence, having an 0333 number makes sure that the customers do not feel hesitant to call the company.

Large Registered Charities

Registered charities where the donors or the beneficiaries of the charities are located all over the UK also use an 0333 number as a single point of contact.

Government Departments

Various departments of the UK government use the 0333 number because they get callers from all over the UK.

Part 2: Why Organisations Choose 0333 Numbers?

There are many reasons because of which more and more organisations are switching to 0333 numbers from 08 numbers and other alternatives. These benefits include:

  • Since 0333 numbers are non-geographic numbers, they can be used by companies regardless of the physical location of their headquarters. In case a company has many offices, an 0333 number provides a single point of contact for the customers.
  • Calls to 0333 numbers are charged at the rate of calls to local landline numbers. Therefore, customers will be eager to call the company at such cheap costs. This turns out to be a great benefit when it comes to information lines and customer service numbers.
  • The cost of 0333 numbers turns out to be a lot cheaper than freephone numbers so that many companies were using earlier. While freephone numbers are free to call on customer’s end, the call costs have to be borne by the customers. Therefore, 0333 numbers lead to considerable savings in the cost.
  • People are familiar with the 0333 numbers and most of them know that these belong to registered companies. Therefore, having an 0333 number adds a professional flair to the company.
  • When an organisation changes their office location, they generally need to port their number to a new one. However, since 0333 numbers are non-geographic, an organisation can use the same number even if it is moving to a new location.

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Part 3: Is 0333 an Area Code?

There are many people who feel that 0333 is an area code. However, that is not the case. 0333 numbers are phone number codes that do not reflect any UK location. 0333 numbers can be used and owned by any organisation throughout the UK.

Therefore, if you get a phone call from an 0333 number, it can belong to anyone in the UK.

Part 4: How Can I Get an 0333 Number for My Business?

If you want to get an 0333 number for your business, it is now easier than ever before.

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Further, since the phone number is virtual, you do not have to get into the trouble of set up landline phone cables to your office and inside it.

There is a range of added benefits that you will get with WeNumber. You should go ahead and check out WeNumber’s phone numbers to know more about it.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all there is to know about 0333 numbers and who is using them. You must also be clear that 0333 numbers are not area codes and do not belong to any particular location.