What Is the Cost of Calling 0871 Numbers?

0871 numbers are used widely by most of the businesses as it is one of the most opted non-geographic service numbers by the companies. These are capable enough to generate a good rebate out of all the calls a company receives from its customers.

This service number is non-geographic, and hence one cannot know the location of the number. This type of system is used for customer care and complaint departments where they can set up their business office at home without actually setting up a room physically.

Some organizations promote the use of 0871 numbers on an extensive scale. Banks, travel agents, and ticketing people, gas, and other utility provider-based firms are often making profits from these service numbers. These service numbers are majorly opted for by customer service, support, or complaint departments.

As a customer, the charges will be dependent and are calculated, keeping in mind certain constraints and considerations. There is no way 0871 numbers for free are available to businesses. Similarly, callers also incur costs. There is a particular charge involved for each call one makes to 871.

Part 1: Are 0871 Numbers Free to Call?

0871 numbers cost comparatively higher than any other non-geographic service numbers. They charge high rates to the customers, and hence they are not free to call. The customers will have to pay a certain amount to place a call to such service numbers.

The same cost paid by the customer will be the profit-making mechanism for the company. The companies will charge for every call based on some considerations and points that will be used to calculate the total cost of the call that a person makes to the organization.

These calls can be answered from any location, and as the physical address of the phone will not be reflected in the call, the person or business can be run through any part. The local boundaries do not come in the picture while taking into account the calls made to such service number.

Whether calling from a telephone or mobile device, a premium charge is mandatory to pay. The additional call rates will be decided by the telephone or mobile company which will be responsible for adding the costs per call a person makes.

Part 2: Cost of Calling 0871 Numbers from Different Providers

The cost of dialing the 0871 numbers will be dependent on the company you call using. Every mobile operating company will have its own charges defined for calling purposes. These rates are excluded from the free plans that are come with mobile plans.

Below is a rough figure representation for the calls’ charges that are decided by the companies.

Service Provider 0871 charges + access charges (13p per minute)
BT (Landline) 12 to 25p per minute
EE (Mobile) 44 to 63p per minute
KC (Landline) 10 to 23 p per minute
O2(Mobile) 45 to 68 p per minute
Sky Talk (Landline) 12 to 25 p per minute
TalkTalk (Landline) 8 to 21 p per minute
Three (Mobile) 45 to 58 p per minute
Virgin Media (Landline) 11 to 24 p per minute
Vodafone (Mobile) 45 to 68p per minute

On the other hand, calling on landline rates will depend on the time of the day or day of the week.

Additionally, there is a one-time connection charge for landline users which costs around 15p.

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Part 3: Cost of Calling 0871 Numbers Outside of the UK

0871 numbers cost a comparatively higher charge than other service numbers available in the market. Although the origin of such number system is from the UK, there is no restriction that these service numbers should be accessed only from the UK.

The services can be availed even outside the UK. The calls will be connected to you, and you will have to pay a charge that is calculated based on two bases. The first part is the access charge, and the second is the service charge.

The service provider calculates the access charge. The service charge is set by the organization you’re calling. On average, the service charge is somewhere around 13p per minute. The charges are the same, for both landlines and mobiles.

The only thing to remember while calling these numbers is that the UK code needs to be prefixed for calling. Hence the 0 from 0871 will be replaced by +44 followed by the 871 and the number you are calling to.

Part 4: How to Buy 0871 Numbers for Your Business?

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0871 numbers are non-geographic service-based numbers that are used by companies who wish to generate an extra rebate for the calls they receive from their customers. This service is considered to be one of the most expensive in rate per call a customer makes.

To a lot of people asking, are 0871 numbers free? The answer is no. On the contrary, they are quite expensive, and the rates per call depend upon the device it is being called. The telephone and mobile rates vary, and it is the service provider that will finalize the call rates per call.

To buy such service numbers, we have one of the most reliable and convenient options for you. WeNumber is a perfect place for getting the best services on the service numbers with all the additional support that will be needed for smooth communication in businesses.