How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0300 Number from Mobile?

Do you want to find out about how much it costs to call an 0330 number? If that is so, you should read this guide to know all about 0330 number costs from all the popular networks in the UK.

Part 1: Cost to Call 0330 Numbers From Mobile

When it comes to calls to any number that starts with ‘03’, the costs are generally the same. 03 numbers are basically non-geographic landline phones and they are charged at the rate of what it would cost to call an ordinary and local landline phone.

0330 numbers follow the same rules, so the calls to 0330 numbers are charged on the same rate from mobile as if you were calling an 01 or 02 landline phone number.

The price can range from anywhere between 3p to 55p per minute. The price can vary slightly based on the day, time of the day, and the exact number that you are calling.

Also, some mobile network providers give you free minutes to call the 0330 numbers. Calling the 0330 number within these minutes will not evoke any charges.

Provider Inside contracted landline minutes allowance Outside contracted landline minutes allowance
ASDA Mobile Free 8p/m
Delight Mobile Free 3p/m
EE Free 30p/m
GiffGaff Free 10p/m
Lebara Mobile Free 19p/m
LycaMobile Free 15p/m
O2 Free 35p/m
Tesco Mobile Free 25p/m
Three Mobile Free 3p/m
Virgin Mobile Free 26p/m
Vodafone Free 30p/m


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Part 2: Cost to Call 0330 Numbers From Landline

0330 numbers are generally cheaper to call from a landline phone as compared to mobile phone. The added benefit with landline phones is that you often get discounted rates during the weekend.

Most landline networks also offer you free minutes to call an 0330 number every day and some might even offer you free calling on the weekends.

In general, here are the costs to call 0330 numbers from landline phones excluding the discounted rates and the free minutes:

Provider Approximate peak cost
BT 12p/m + 21p setup charge
TalkTalk 13.5p/m
Sky 9.5p/m
Virgin Media 12p/m

Part 3: How Can I Get an 0330 Number for Business?

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Wrapping Up

If you were looking for the 0330 number calling costs, you now know the answer to it. You can refer to these costs at any time when you are making a phone call, no matter which network you are calling from.