How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0844 Number from Mobile?

Do you want to know about the call costs for 0844 numbers? If that is so, you are going to find all the right information here. You will know how much it costs to call 0844 numbers, and who is allowed to use these numbers.

Part 1: Are 0844 Numbers Free to Call?

No, 0844 numbers are not free to call. In fact, 0844 numbers have one of the highest calling rates among all cell phone numbers.

This is because, in addition to normal call rates, there are other types of charges called service surcharges added when calling these numbers.

These numbers are also not included in any free minutes you might have on your mobile plan.

However, certain phone carriers such as BT include calls to 0844 numbers in the free calling hours of their landline phones.

Therefore, you should check which phone carrier you are using and whether or not your phone carrier is offering you any free hours for 0844 numbers.

Part 2: What is the Cost to Call 0844 Numbers?

The cost to call an 0844 number is divided into two parts. The first part is the call rate of the network provider. This charge is similar to charges levied on any other ordinary phone call.

This charge is credited to your network provider, and is levied for the service offered by your network provider so you can access their network.

The second part of the call charge is the service surcharge. The service surcharge is levied by the company that you are calling, for providing you their services through the phone call.

Here are these charges for landline and mobile phones:

Cost to Call 0844 Numbers from Landline

The charges to call 0844 numbers from a landline are generally cheaper than calling them from mobile phones.

Certain landline providers have free calling timings on weekends and during evenings. These timings also apply to the 0844 numbers, so you can call these numbers for free during this time.

Here are the plans of BT landline to call an 0844 number from a landline phone:

Calling plan Daytime – 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday Evening – 7 pm to 7 am Monday to Friday Weekends – All day Saturday and Sunday
Pay as You Go* 20p a minute plus service charge 20p a minute plus service charge 20p a minute plus service charge
500 Minutes* Included Included Included
Unlimited Minutes* Included Included Included
Unlimited Weekend Calls* 15.19p a minute plus service charge 15.19p a minute plus service charge Included
Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls* 15.19p a minute plus service charge Included Included
Unlimited Anytime Calls* Included Included Included
Home Phone Saver 2020* Included Included Included

Cost to Call 0844 Numbers from Mobile

When you are calling an 0844 number from a mobile phone, the cost varies from network to network. Here are the call costs charged by most common network providers in the UK:

Provider Access charge (per minute) Service charge (per minute)
Asda Mobile 8p Between 0p and 7p
BT Between 0p and 30p depending on call plan
EE Between 11p and 65p depending on call plan
Giffgaff 25p
Kcom 12p
Lycamobile 23p
O2 55p
Plusnet 9.58p
Post Office 14p
Sky 15p
Talk Mobile 15p
TalkTalk 12.5p from landline; 25p from mobile
Tesco Mobile 25p
Three 45p
Virgin Media 36p for pay as you go customers; 58p for pay monthly customers
Vodafone 45p for pay as you go customers; 55p for pay monthly customers
Zen Internet 11p

As you can see, the service surcharge can vary between 0p and 7p, based on the company that you are calling.

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Part 3: Who Can Use 0844 Numbers?

0844 numbers are permitted to be used for information lines of companies and for providing services such as call conferencing.

0844 numbers are not permitted to be used by any company for after-sales customer service. This is to make sure that the customers are charged fairly for customer service once they have purchased a product from the company.

0844 numbers are commonly used by organisations such as the Salvation Army for queries regarding item collection. They are also used by companies for travel and event booking tickets.

Part 4: What Is the Difference Between 0800 and 0844 Numbers?

0800 numbers and 0844 numbers have a lot of differences between them.

0800 numbers are freephone numbers that do not attract any charges to callers for calling these numbers. These are used by companies to provide a convenient method for their customers to call them.

0844 numbers, on the other hand, are premium rate numbers. These cost the customers even more charges than they would have to pay for calling on ordinary numbers.

The calls to 0844 numbers are a source of revenue for the company. On the other hand, 0800 numbers turn out to be expensive for the company as the company has to bear the costs of the customers’ calls.

Part 5: How Can I Get My Own 0844 Number?

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Part 6: FAQs

1. Are 0844 numbers still legal?

Yes, 0844 numbers are completely legal. However, using these numbers for after-sales customer support lines is not legal.

2. Can I call 0844 numbers free from abroad?

Yes, you can call most 0844 numbers from outside the UK. however, international calling rates apply to these numbers, so you should check with your network provider about the international call rates.

3. Is an 0844 number free from BT landline?

0844 numbers can be called for free from BT landline during the allotted free timings. Outside of these times, the numbers are always chargeable.

4. What are 0844 used for?

0844 numbers are generally used for providing services through the phone call (like call conferencing and event booking). These can also be used for pre-sales information lines.

5. Is 0844 an expensive number?

Not if you are getting the 0844 number from WeNumber. WeNumber gives you an 0844 number at astonishingly cheap prices.

Wrapping Up

If you wanted to know about the costs of calling 0844 numbers from landline or mobile phones, you now have all the information you need. You even know how to get your own 0844 number, which I suggest that you should check out right away!