What Are 0345 Numbers?

0345 numbers are very popular in the UK, commonly used by a lot of businesses. This makes people wonder about what 0345 numbers are and who is using them. Therefore, I will tell you all about 0345 numbers that you will find useful.

Part 1: What Are 0345 Numbers?

0345 numbers were launched by the UK’s telecom department as a cheaper alternative for businesses than freephone numbers.

0345 numbers are non-geographic landline numbers that businesses can use all over the UK. The non-geographic component means that 0345 numbers are not limited to any particular geographical area.

Most people think of 0345 numbers as freephone numbers. However, that is not the case because calls to 0345 numbers are always chargeable.

0345 numbers are charged at the rate of local landline numbers. This gives an incentive for the customers of the business to call the business and talk as long as they like.

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Part 2: Who Are the Users of 0345 Numbers?

0345 numbers are used by businesses all over the UK. Mainly, these businesses have a national presence so they choose 0345 numbers to make it cheaper for customers to call them anywhere in the UK.

Besides businesses, other organizations also use 0345 numbers, which include banks and some government departments.

If you own your own business, you should consider getting an 0345 number as well. If you feel that it will be a long process for you, I am going to tell you a way to get an 0345 number instantly.

Part 3: Why 0345 Numbers Are So Popular?

Although call costs to 0345 numbers on the network providers like Vodafone are not free, 0345 numbers are very common and popular in the UK. This is because of the benefits of 0345 numbers for both- business owners and customers calling on the numbers.

Firstly, 0345 numbers are charged at a lower fee for callers as compared to premium-rate numbers or even ordinary numbers. 0345 numbers are treated as local landline phones and charged at the same rate.

This gives the customers incentive to call a business, whether it is for pre-sale information lines or customer sales channels.

On the business end, 0345 numbers tend to have way cheaper pricing plans as compared to freephone 0800 numbers. Therefore, they can lead to considerable savings for businesses with high incoming call volume.

Lastly, even among small business owners 0345 numbers are the preferred choice. This is because these numbers add a professional flair to the number, as everyone is familiar with these phone numbers.

Part 4: How Can I Get My Own 0345 Number?

Getting your own phone number with 0345 numbers is quite possible and, in fact, very easy here at WeNumber.

WeNumber is a phone number provider that gives you your own choice of phone number as well as phone codes. From freephone numbers to non-geographic numbers, WeNumber has got it all.

Whatever your phone number requirement is, WeNumber is going to fulfil it to the best. You not only get to choose your phone code, but you can also decide the next seven digits of your phone number.

The numbers offered by WeNumber come at the cheapest prices as compared to any other phone number provider. Therefore, WeNumber is already serving countless businesses all over the UK. Yours could be the next one!

Get an 0345 number now and have it activated instantly at WeNumber.

Part 5: FAQs

We will address the most common doubts that people have when it comes to 0345 numbers:

1. Are 0345 numbers the same as freephone numbers?

No, 0345 numbers are non-geographic landline numbers while freephone numbers are completely free to call.

2. Can anyone call an 0345 number outside of the UK?

Yes, 0345 numbers can be called from anywhere in the UK as well as outside the UK too. However, it is important to add the UK country code (+44), followed by 345 (0345 with initial zero omitted).

3. How will I be charged while calling an 0345 number?

The cost of 0345 numbers is not free. When you are calling an 0345 number, you will be charged at the same rate that applies to call local landline phones.

4. Will my landline free minutes pack apply to the 0345 numbers?

Yes, if you have free minutes or discounted rates given by your network provider, these will apply on phone calls to 0345 numbers too.

5. How long does it take to get my own 0345 number activated?

If you are getting your 0345 number from WeNumber, it is activated instantly. If you are getting the 0345 number from other channels, it can take some days to a couple of weeks to get it activated.

Wrapping Up

Now you know everything there is to know about 0345 numbers. Therefore, if you realize the benefits of 0345 numbers, you should not wait to get your own 0345 number now!