How Much Does It Cost to Call 0345 Numbers on O2?

Do you want to know about the call costs to 0345 numbers on O2 mobile? Here is all the information you need on that, plus a few tips and tricks to make free phone calls to 0345 numbers. You can even get your own 0345 number here.

Part 1: Are 0345 Numbers Included in My Free Minutes Allowance on O2?

Yes, if you have any free minutes to call landline phones, you will not be charged anything to call an 0345 number.

This is because 0345 numbers are treated as local landline phones no matter where you are calling them from. Therefore, calls to these numbers are charged at the same rate.

So if you have free minutes or discounted rates to call landline phones in your O2 balance, those will also apply to 0345 numbers.

Part 2: What Is the Cost to Call 0345 Numbers on O2?

As I mentioned earlier, the cost to call 0345 numbers is the same as calling ‘03’ numbers, and for that matter any local landline numbers.

Therefore, O2’s standard landline calling rates apply for making phone calls to 0345 numbers. These charges are generally 30p per minute if you are on O2’s pay as you go.

Due to the lower calling rates to 0345 numbers, Ofcom advises businesses to switch to 0345 numbers from premium rate numbers which can be very costly for customers to call.

Further, 0345 numbers are also cheaper for businesses as compared to freephone numbers. Therefore, getting an 0345 number is a win-win situation for both- the business and the customer.

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Part 3: How Can I Get My Own 0345 Number?

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all there is to know about 0345 numbers call costs on O2 network. You also know how to get your own 0345 number for your business, which I think you should hurry so your favorite O2 number is not taken by somebody else.