How Much Does It Cost to Call 0345 Numbers?

Do you want to find out about the calling costs for calling 0345 numbers in the UK? If that is the case, you can check the information below for every such detail regarding 0345 numbers.

Part 1: Are 0345 Numbers Free to call?

No, 0345 numbers are not free to call no matter which network provider you are using. 0345 numbers are treated as local landline numbers and charged on the same rate, no matter where they are situated in the UK.

However, there are various mobile and landline networks which offer free minutes or free hours to calling landline numbers. If you call an 0345 during these allotted free hours, you will not be charged for the phone call.

Part 2: 0345 Numbers Call Cost on Mobile

The cost of calling 0345 numbers can vary vastly from provider to provider. Therefore, if you want to find out about these call costs, you just have to refer to your carrier’s cost in the table below:

Mobile Network Price Per Minute
3 (three) 3p per minute
AfriMobile 10p per minute
Allpay Mobile 15p per minute
ASDA Mobile 8p per minute
Banana Mobile 14p per minute
C Mobile 14p per minute
Delight Mobile 3p per minute
Dialog Vizz 9p per minute
DiDa Mobile 10p per minute
Donate Mobile 20p per minute
Econet 10p per minute
EE 30p per minute
Family Mobile 8p per minute
Freedomtalk 8p per minute
Giffgaff 10p per minute
GT Mobile 3p per minute
iCard Mobile 8p per minute
Kontakt Mobile 9p per minute
Lebara Mobile 19p per minute
Lomo Mobile 10p per minute
LycaMobile 15p per minute
Now Mobile 10p per minute
O2 35p per minute
Orange 25p per minute
OVIVO Mobile 8p per minute
RSPCA Mobile 14p per minute
Sainsbury’s 8p per minute
Simple Call Mobile 4p per minute
Smart Pinoy 10p per minute
Talk Home Mobile 10p per minute
TalkMobile Essentials 8p per minute
TalkMobile Rewards 25p per minute
Talkxtra 7p per minute
Tello 3p per minute
Tesco Lite 8p per minute
Tesco Mobile 25p per minute
The Co-operative Mobile 8p per minute
The People’s Operator 12.5p per minute
T-Mobile 30p per minute
Tru 36p per minute
Vectone 15p per minute
Victory Mobile 4p per minute
Virgin Mobile 26p per minute
Virgin Mobile Simply 8p per minute
Vodafone 30p per minute
White Mobile 6p per minute
Wildlife Mobile 18p per minute


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Part 3: Are 0345 Numbers Freephone Numbers?

No, 0345 numbers are not freephone numbers. 0345 numbers are actually a good alternative to freephone numbers.

Freephone numbers provider the customers of business with calls without any costs on the customer’s end. However, while the caller will not have to pay anything, the number owner will need to bear the calling costs.

This can make the 0345 numbers VERY expensive for businesses. This is why the 0345 number is preferable to many businesses than the freephone numbers.

Part 4: How to Buy an 0345 Number for My Business?

You could build a successful business by great customer service skills along with a easy memorable and effective business number. If you want your own 0345 number, the best place to get it is WeNumber.

WeNumber is a virtual phone number provider that lets you choose your own phone number. It is not just limited to the number code, you can even seven digits of your phone number based on your preference.

Further, the 0345 numbers that you get from WeNumber are available at the lowest prices that you will find online or offline. This makes WeNumber the first choice of countless businesses all over the UK when it comes to phone number requirements.

There are many other features that you get with your phone number if you are getting it from WeNumber. These services are going to add a more professional flair to your business.

Therefore, if you need a business phone number, please check out the 0345 numbers at WeNumber now!

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions

There are probably some questions you still have in your mind. I will try to address these common doubts here:

💵 Is there an advantage of 0345 numbers over freephone numbers?

Yes, the cost of calling 0345 numbers tend to be a LOT cheaper than the freephone numbers. In freephone numbers, the calling costs for the customers have to be borne by the business owner, which makes the freephone numbers very expensive.

🤑 What is the disadvantage of 0345 numbers over freephone numbers?

While 0345 numbers are cheaper for the business owners, at times customers prefer to call a freephone number due to the free call appeal.

How long does it take for my 0345 number to be activated?

If you are getting your 0345 number from WeNumber, it will be activated instantly. However, if you get it from other network providers, it can take days to weeks to get it running.

🧐 Do I get a say in which 0345 number I get?

Yes, WeNumber lets you choose your own 0345 number based on your preferences.

🤔 Can I make a free call to an 0345 number?

If there are any free minutes in your account for calling landline phones, you will not be charged for calling an 0345 number.

Wrapping Up

Now you know about the calling costs of 0345 numbers and you know how to get your own 0345 number. You can check out calling costs for other phone number codes at WeNumber too!