How Much Does It Cost to Call 0330 Numbers on Vodafone?

Are you looking forward to finding out how much does it costs to call 0330 numbers on Vodafone? If so, you have found the right place for the information.

0330 numbers are landline numbers that are used all over the UK. These numbers are followed by the seven digit phone number of the particular agency.

You will learn all about 0330 number call charges in the sections to come. If you read it till the end, you will also find a way to avoid all these charges and call an 0330 number for free.

Part 1: Are 0330 numbers Free to Call on Vodafone?

No, you can not call an 0330 number for free on Vodafone. These numbers are chargeable on a per minute basis, along with an access charge.

However, while 0330 numbers are not freephone numbers, they are not charged at a premium rate either. Therefore, it does not cost you anything extra to call an 0330 number than it would cost to call any ordinary landline phone in the UK.

If you have any free minutes on your Vodafone number, you can call an 0330 number for free.

Now let us discuss the call charges of 0330 numbers on Vodafone:

Part 2: What Is the Cost to Call 0330 Numbers on Vodafone?

The charges of an 0330 number on Vodafone (or any other phone network) are the same as that for any landline phone.

In order to find out the cost to call 0330 numbers on Vodafone, you can refer to the table below. You should keep in mind that these charges do not apply to any special packs that you might have on your Vodafone number.

Cost of Call to 0330 Numbers on Vodafone (not applies to free minutes)

Vodafone Channel Per Minute Charges Access Charges
Vodafone Landline 11.5p per minute 19p
Vodafone pay as you go 30p per minute 30p
Vodafone Pay Monthly (mobile) 55p per minute 55p

Based on this information, you can now calculate how much a call to 0330 costs you from a Vodafone device.

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Part 3: Who Uses 0330 Numbers in the UK?

In general, an 0330 number in the UK is used by government organizations, non-profit organizations, and charities.

The benefit of using an 0330 number is that it is not confined to any particular area. Any organization throughout the UK can use an 0330 phone number, without having to be registered in any specific area (unlike how area codes work).

Since 0330 numbers have the same charges as that of a landline phone, companies and organizations prefer using the 0330 number because they can have a centralized number for their offices all over the country.

Part 4: Can I Call an 0330 Number From Abroad?

Yes, it is possible to call an 0330 number from abroad just like you would call any other UK landline phone number. You just need to omit the initial zero of the ‘0330’ code.

If you want to call an 0330 number from outside of the UK, you will have to use the UK country code (+44) prior to the number, followed by 330, followed by the seven digit phone number.

Therefore, if someone has a phone number: 1234567, you will need to dial:

+44 330 1234567

Part 5: Get an 0330 Number from WeNumber and Save these Charges

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all the costs related to calling an 0330 number on Vodafone. You also know how to get your own 0330 numbers instantly. If you have any more queries, feel free to contact us and get instant response!