What Are 0330 Numbers?

Do you want to know what 0330 numbers are and how you can get an 0330 number for your business? If that is the case, here is a detailed guide that will tell you all about 0330 numbers and how you can get one yourself.

Part 1: What Are 0330 Numbers?

0330 numbers are non-geographic landline numbers that anyone can call over the UK. These numbers are charged the same as local landline phones, without the limitation of belonging to any particular locality.

0330 numbers were started in 2007 as an alternative to the toll-free numbers (0800 and 0808). The toll-free numbers can be costly to use, so the 0330 numbers tend to be a cheaper alternative.

However, unlike the toll-free numbers, calls to the 0330 numbers are not free. These calls are charged at the same rate as you would pay for an 01 or an 02 number.

0330 numbers are four digital dialling codes, so they are followed by the seven digit phone number of the organization or the company.

When you are calling an 0330 number from abroad, you will need to omit the initial zero (making the code 330) and add the country code of UK (+44) prior to the 330 code.

Costs of 0330 Numbers

The calling cost for an 0330 number depends on your network provider and whether you are calling from a landline phone or a mobile phone.

If there are any special packages to call a landline phone from your phone, the calls to 0330 number are discounted based on that package.

However, the 0330 number cost from mobile are different from landline.

In general, these calls follow this pricing structure:

Call Type Call Cost
0330 number from a landline Included in any applicable call packages, otherwise standard landline rates.
0330 number from a mobile Included in Talktime and bundled minutes, otherwise standard landline rates.


Part 2: Why Use 0330 Numbers?

There are a lot of reasons for company use an 0330 numbers. Let me walk you through a few of them:

Firstly, if you choose an 0330 number, you will not have to pay the extravagant charges for a freephone number. At the same time, you offer a cheap calling alternative to your customers with an 0330 number.

0330 numbers are not limited to any geography. Therefore, companies with offices all over the UK can use an 0330 number without any prohibitions. Not just that, even when it comes to transferring the headquarter location, you will not have to get a new number.

Lastly, most people are familiar with 0330 numbers and see it as a trusted number. Therefore, using an 0330 number will help business to maintain a lasting relationship with customers.

Part 3: FAQs

1. Are 0330 numbers free to call?

No, 0330 numbers are not free to call. These numbers are chargeable on a per minute basis, regardless of the network provider you might be using.

2. How much does it cost to call 0330 numbers on Vodafone?

Calls to 0330 numbers on Vodafone is not free. It costs 55p per minute plus 55p access charge for user with a monthly plan.

3. How much does it cost to call 0330 numbers on BT?

The access charge for calls to the 0330 number from BT is 21p. Besides this, a continuous charge of 12p per minute is also charged for the call.

4. How much does it cost to call 0330 numbers on EE?

Calling an 0330 number from your EE mobile phone results in charges on a per minute basis. These calls are charged at 30p per minute.

5. How much does it cost to call 0330 numbers on Virgin?

It normally cost 26p per minute if you call 0330 numbers on Virgin, but this charge is not applicable if you have any special pack on your Virgin mobile that has free minutes for landline phones.

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Wrapping Up

If you want to know 0330 numbers are not toll-free numbers, and you also get a sense of the cost of calling 0330 and who uses them, now you have the answer. You even know how to get your own 0330 number, which I suggest that you do asap before someone else takes your favourite number.