How Much Does It Cost to Call 0330 Numbers on BT?

Do you want to know about how much it will cost to call 0330 numbers from the BT network? If that is what you are wondering, you have come to the right place. Find all about 0330 numbers call cost from BT, and how to get your own 0330 number here.

Since BT Group is a premier telephone operator in the UK and even owns the British Telecoms PLC, there are a lot of people who wonder about call costs when calling from the BT network.

Part 1: Are 0330 Numbers Free to Call on BT?

No, 0330 numbers are not free to call on BT or any other phone network. 0330 numbers are treated as local landline phones and charged on the same rate.

However, there are many BT plans where you get discounted rates for calling landline phones. These rates also apply to 0330 numbers when you are calling them from your BT landline.

Further, there are also some plans that offer free calling on weekends during some preset hours. Callings to 0330 numbers made during these hours will not be charged.

Part 2: What Is the Cost to Call 0330 Numbers on BT?

When you are calling an 0330 number from your BT landline, the calls are divided into two parts. The first part is the setup charge which is fixed for the call, and the other charge is a continuous charge which is charged by the minute.

The access charge for calls to the 0330 number from BT is 21p. Besides this, a continuous charge of 12p per minute is also charged for the call.

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Part 3: Are 0330 Numbers Good for Business?

If you have your own business, getting an 0330 number for it might be a very good choice.

Many businesses consider getting a freephone number but these can be very expensive. While your customers can call your freephone number for free, these calls have to be borne by you.

Therefore, 03 numbers (like the 0330) tend to be the cheaper alternative for such calls. They have low monthly pricing for you and also are cheaper on the customer’s end as well.

Further, since the 0330 numbers are non-geographic, many organizations use 0330 numbers no matter where they are located in the UK.

All in all, 0330 numbers are the excellent choice and you can get them without thinking twice. Now talking about how to get an 0330 number for your business, here it goes:

Part 4: How Do I Get My Own 0330 Number?

The best way to buy an 0330 number for your business is by getting it from WeNumber.

WeNumber is an online phone number provider that can give you your very own 0330 number, followed by the seven digits of your choice.

When it comes to the pricing, WeNumber offers the lowest pricing plans for you whether you consider online phone number providers or offline phone number providers.

As the phone number is virtual, there is no need for a cord or any effort on your end. In fact, you get a lot of premium features completely free with your 0330 number, provided that you get the number from WeNumber.

Wrapping Up

Now you know about the costs for calling 0330 numbers from your BT device. You even know how you can get your own 0330 number, which I suggest you do sooner if you do not want your favorite number to run out.