How Much Do 0845 Numbers Cost to Call?

Do you want to know how much it costs to call 0845 numbers? Here is detailed information on 0845 number call costs and some other tips that you are going to find very helpful.

Part 1: Call Costs Breakup for Making Phone Calls to 0845 Number

When you are calling an 0845 number, the prices are divided into two parts. The first part is the continuous call charge that is charged by your network provider.

This charge is levied for accessing your phone networks’ communication line. This charge is similar to the call rates for the ordinary phone calls that you make.

However, to this charge, there is an added type of charge, called the service surcharge. The service surcharge is credited to the company that you are calling.

This amount is charged to you for accessing the organisation’s services through the phone call.

Ofcom has mandated that companies cannot deduct the service charges for making calls to the customer care numbers. This is why 0845 number is no longer permitted to be used for customer care purposes.

Part 2: How to Call 0845 Premium Number Free from Mobile?

People often confuse 0845 numbers with the freephone 0800 numbers. However, that is not the case. Calls to 0845 numbers are always chargeable, even if you have free minutes balance in your account.

However, there are still ways to call 0845 numbers for free. This is generally done by installing apps on your phone to make free phone calls to premium rate numbers.

These apps route your phone call to an 03 number, which is included in the free minutes plan of all network providers.

Therefore, people are able to make phone calls to 0845 premium numbers completely free.

Part 3: How to Call 0845 Premium Number Free from Landline?

If you use a landline phone, you might be able to make free phone calls to 0845 number. This is possible if your landline plan offers free calling during any particular time period or on weekends.

For example, take the case of the following BT landline plan. As you can see, calls to 0845 numbers are included in the free calls for many plans, depending on the days.

Calling plan Daytime – 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday Evening – 7 pm to 7 am Monday to Friday Weekends – All day Saturday and Sunday
Pay as You Go* 20p a minute plus service charge 20p a minute plus service charge 20p a minute plus service charge
500 Minutes* Included Included Included
Unlimited Minutes* Included Included Included
Unlimited Weekend Calls* 15.19p a minute plus service charge 15.19p a minute plus service charge Included
Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls* 15.19p a minute plus service charge Included Included
Unlimited Anytime Calls* Included Included Included
Home Phone Saver 2020* Included Included Included

Part 4: What is the Cost to Call 0845 Numbers from Different Network Providers?

As I mentioned earlier, the cost to call 0845 numbers will depend on the call rates of your network provider and the service charge of the company.

The service charge can range from 0p per minute to 7p per minute, depending on the company that you are calling.

The calling rates of network providers for making calls to 0845 number are fixed. Here is a list of the call charges of common phone networks in the UK for making phone calls to 0845 numbers:

Provider Access charge (per minute) Service charge (per minute)
Asda Mobile 8p Between 0p and 7p
BT Between 0p and 30p depending on call plan
EE Between 11p and 65p depending on call plan
Giffgaff 25p
Kcom 12p
Lycamobile 23p
O2 55p
Plusnet 9.58p
Post Office 14p
Sky 15p
Talk Mobile 15p
TalkTalk 12.5p from landline; 25p from mobile
Tesco Mobile 25p
Three 45p
Virgin Media 36p for pay as you go customers; 58p for pay monthly customers
Vodafone 45p for pay as you go customers; 55p for pay monthly customers
Zen Internet 11p


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Part 5: Why Should I Choose 0845 Numbers?

The major reason for organizations choosing an 0845 number is that it provides revenue. There are several companies where the service model is providing services through 0845 numbers and earning revenue for these services through the 0845 number.

Further, companies can also generate revenue through the 0845 numbers by using these numbers for their information lines.

However, it is important to disclose the service charges for making calls to 0845 numbers before they charge their customers with these charges.

Part 6: Who Uses 0845 Numbers?

0845 numbers can be used by any company in the UK. However, the uses of these numbers are fixed and they cannot be used for any purpose that is not permitted by Ofcom.

These prohibited purposes include charging a high rate to customers who are making phone calls to a company’s customer care service.

Further, in the cases where using the 0845 number is permissible, a company is liable to disclose the call costs for these numbers beforehand.

Part 7: How to Get an 0845 Number for My Business?

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Wrapping Up

Now you know about the call costs associated with the 0845 numbers on various landline as well as mobile networks.

You even know ways to make free phone calls to 0845 numbers, for which you can thank me later!