How Much Does an 0844 Number Cost to Call on Vodafone?

Have you been searching what are the costs associated with 0844 numbers Vodafone?

WeNumber understands your confusion. Today, telecom has evolved to such a great extent that there are many types of numbers like 084, 087, 118, etc.

Several service providers and plans, and varying charges for mobile or landline. Keeping a tab on call costs can be mind-boggling.

At WeNumber, you will get up-to-date answers to all your telecom related queries in one place, whether you are an end customer or a business organization. In this article, we’ll help you understand Vodafone 0844 charges.

Part 1: Are 0844 Numbers Free to Call on Vodafone?

0844 numbers are commonly purchased for business purposes. Mostly, we use them to call companies for pre-sales information support and customer service inquiries.

These numbers are of non-geographical type, thus they are not associated with specific areas. Being national UK numbers, they have the advantage of keeping the business’ location anonymous while also offering other advantages like easy portability and call management.

Because of many such special features, these 0844 numbers are different from other numbers like 0800, 01, 02, 03, etc. They belong to a premium category. They are organized in a manner that makes them chargeable to customers.

Thus, 0844 numbers on mobile or landline is not free to call. They are not compatible with the usual free minute allowances.

Part 2: What Are the Charges to Call 0844 Numbers on Vodafone?

When calling 0844 numbers on Vodafone, you will encounter two different types of charges.

Access Charge:

This is the charge that you will have to pay at a per minute rate to your communication provider. For Vodafone, 0844 numbers cost approximately 0.55 pence per-minute.

Vodafone 0844 access charge rates may differ somewhat depending on your plan according to landline, Vodafone pay as you go, and monthly mobile customers. Details of the same can also be found in your phone bill and contract.

Access charge is calculated by the seconds. However, note that you will be charged a minimum amount equivalent to at least a minute’s worth of calling time. Hence if you just made a few short 0844 number calls, don’t be surprised with a larger than expected bill.

Service Charge:

The company that you are calling levies a separate charge for collecting and servicing your call. Note that this charge is not decided by Vodafone; rather, it is determined by the owner of this 0844 number.

There are a number of organizations that use 0844 business-rate numbers for marketing goals which also help them generate revenue from the calls. This charge will firstly be collected by your telecom company, and then passed on to the service provider.

Generally, the service charge rate is mentioned by the companies right next to where the number is advertised. As per the UK telecom regulator Ofcom’s website, it varies between 0 pence to 7 pence per minute. For a given 0844 number, there is a single service charge for both landline and mobile calls.

Your total charge per minute for 0844 numbers will be the sum of access charge by Vodafone and service charge by the company you called. Total per-minute charges of calling 0844 numbers on Vodafone will, therefore, be a maximum of 62 pence per minute.

You might be interested to know that this split of call charges into two parts was brought about by an Ofcom regulation in June 2015. Calls to 084, 087, 09, and 118 type service numbers are all charged in a similar way.

In fact, due to their higher call costs, 0844 numbers are no longer permitted to be used for after-sales inquiries by customers.

At the same time, it is also noteworthy that 0844 numbers cost break-up into access charge and service charge is only applicable to residential customers. Business customers may continue to be charged as per old tariff bands.

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Part 3: Is It Free to Call 0844 Numbers From Abroad on Vodafone?

No, calling 0844 numbers from abroad is not free. In fact, it is quite a complicated process. Let’s understand why.

International calls are brought about via agreements between national level telecom players. Since the 0844 number’s tariff process involves multiple parties and is complex, international level agreements for such numbers are very less.

Thus, calling 0844 numbers from abroad can cost you a hefty amount, and may even be impossible in most cases.

Where it is possible to call 0844 numbers on Vodafone from abroad, it happens due to a mapping process. This means that the given non-geographical 0844 number is mapped to another geographical number which is what you will actually be calling from abroad.

Most companies with a 0844 type service number typically provide another separate geographical number dedicated for international callers. When dialing from abroad, you can call this number by simply prefixing it with the UK’s international code “0044”.


We hope you got the answers to your queries regarding call rates for 0844 numbers Vodafone. Numbers such as 0844 are not included in regular price plans’ free minutes.

Hence you need to pay special attention while calling them, or else you may run up very large and hefty bills.

Today, with increasingly competitive plans by phone providers, it is of utmost importance to be up-to-date. You need to know not just about the data, message, and minutes allowances within your plan, but also finer contract details such as what is included and what is not.

At WeNumber, you can find answers to all your questions at the click of a button which will help you make the wisest choice.

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