What Are 0808 Numbers?

Do you want to know about 0808 numbers and how much does it cost to call an 0808 number? Here is all the information you will need, along with the way to get your own 0808 number.

Part 1: What Are 0808 Numbers?

0808 numbers are freephone numbers at which anyone in the UK can call without any charges. These numbers were launched in 1997 because the previous iteration of freephone numbers – 0800, was running out of supply.

While earlier 0808 numbers could be called for free only from landline phones, recent telecom regulations have made the cost of calling 0808 numbers free for both- mobile phone calls and landline calls.

0808 numbers are also non-geographic numbers, which means that anyone in the UK can use them without being bound to any particular geography.

Part 2: Users of 0808 Numbers

There are a lot of organizations and companies that use the 0808 numbers. These include:

Private Businesses:

0808 numbers are used by private businesses to provide their customers with a cheap and convenient way to call them.

Earlier, businesses employed the premium rate 08 numbers where the callers were charged an excessive rate for making customer care calls.

However, with the 0808 number, the customers can call a company’s information lines and customer care channels without having to worry about anything.

0808 numbers also add a very professional flair to businesses, which is very beneficial for startups.

Charities and Helplines:

Charities have their donors as well as beneficiaries all over the UK. More often than not, the beneficiaries are underprivileged people who might worry about excessive call charges. This is why, charities use the 0808 numbers so anyone can call them without worrying at all.

Hospitals and Universities:

Private hospitals and universities also use the 0808 number at times to make sure their callers can make any length of phone calls without having to worry about the call charges.

Part 3: Benefits of Using 0808 Numbers

The primary benefit of using 0808 numbers is that the caller will not feel the burden of call charges. When people are calling on a paid phone number, they feel the need to hang up the phone faster than they would otherwise.

Therefore, companies have started using the 0808 number so that the customers can call them for as long as they want. There is no burden to hang up the call earlier than it is needed.

Other than that, 0808 numbers are non-geographic numbers that can be used all over the UK. This means that a company can use a single 0808 number for their offices all over the country.

Further, if an organization decides to change its operational headquarters (which happens very often), they do not have to change their number. They can have the 0808 number ported anywhere in the country.

Lastly, people often tend to avoid any phone calls that they get from unusual and unfamiliar phone numbers. However, the 0808 numbers are familiar to everyone and people know that these are commercial phone numbers for businesses.

Therefore, there is a greater chance of people responding to your professional phone calls if you are using an 0808 number.

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Part 4: Downfalls And Drawbacks of 0808 Numbers

While the advantages of the 0808 numbers far outweigh any possible drawbacks, I will go through a few disadvantages just to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a careful and informed decision.

First thing first, the major point of concern with 0808 numbers is their price. While the 0808 numbers are free to call for the customers of the company, the company still has to pay the price for getting an 0808 number.

0808 numbers for businesses are costlier than other commercial phone numbers, as 0808 numbers are freephone numbers and the phone company is not charging any money from the caller.

However, there is a workaround for this problem if you get the 0808 phone number from WeNumber. I will tell you about this in the sections to come.

The other disadvantage of the 0808 numbers is that at times, there are shady companies that offer you 0808 numbers but they are not really free for the caller.

This is because not every company can implement all the rules and regulations to make a 0808 number truly freephone. Again, getting your 0808 phone number from WeNumber eliminated this problem completely.

Part 5: How to Get an 0808 Phone Number for Your Business

WeNumber is a virtual phone number provider that can set you up with your own 0808 phone number.

Not every network provider can be trusted with providing a reliable communication channel for your business. This is why WeNumber is the first call of people. It is serving countless businesses all over the UK already with their phone number requirements.

The 0808 numbers from WeNumber come at highly cost effective prices as compared to any other network providers.

Other than that, there are a lot of premium features that you get with your 0808 phone number, if you get the number from WeNumber.

You can even choose the phone number that you like!

Wrapping Up

Now you know all there is to know about 0808 cell phone numbers. You even know how you can get an 0808 number for your business, which I suggest that you get ASAP before your favorite 0808 phone number gets taken away!