How Much Does It Cost to Call 0800 Numbers?

Do you want to learn about the call costs to 0800 numbers? 0800 numbers are commonly used by businesses all over the UK, which often makes their customers wonder ‘how much it would cost to call an 0800 number?’

Therefore, here is detailed information on 0800 numbers call costs and some other important tips that you will find helpful.

Part 1: Are 0800 Numbers Free to call?

Yes, 0800 numbers are free to call from anywhere in the UK. 0800 numbers are non-geographic codes that were introduced so businesses can offer their customers the incentive of free calling.

This gives the customers of a business an added incentive to make phone calls and get information on products or register any complaints.

Earlier, 0800 numbers were free for phone calls from landline phones only. They had a chargeable model for calls from mobile phones.

However, in recent years, they have been made free for phone calls from mobile phones as well.

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Part 2: What Are 0800 Numbers Call Cost from Abroad?

Many people make phone calls to 0800 numbers from abroad assuming that they will be free. This, however, is not the case as phone calls to 0800 numbers are always chargeable when you are calling them from outside of the UK.

In fact, the call costs to 0800 numbers from abroad can be very high if you are calling from abroad. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the international call rates of your network provider before any such calls are being made.

Part 3: Benefits of Using an 0800 Number

The benefits of using an 0800 number for your business far outweigh the price you would be paying for it.

The major benefit of 0800 numbers is that it allows the customers of a business to call the business for free. This leads to an exponential increase in the engagement of the business with its customers.

Further, everyone in the UK is familiar with 0800 numbers. Therefore, if a business uses an 0800 number, the customer knows that the 0800 number can be trusted.

0800 numbers are also non-geographic numbers, so businesses all over the UK can use them without being limited to any particular area. Even if an owner wants to relocate his or her business, they can keep the same 0800 number as before.

Part 4: How to Buy an 0800 Number for Your Business?

If you want to provide your callers with a convenient way to get more customer’s calls to your business, you must have an 0800 number.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all about the benefits of using an 0800 number and how you can get an 0800 number for your business. Therefore, why don’t you go ahead and pick out your favorite 0800 number from WeNumber before someone else picks it?