What Is the Cost of Calling 0333 Numbers on BT?

Do you want to know about the costs of calling an 0333 number on BT phone? If that is the case, you will find out all this information here, along with some other helpful tips to make free phone calls to 0333 numbers.

Part 1: Is It Free to Call 0333 Numbers on BT?

No, 0333 numbers are not free to call on BT or any other phone network. 0333 numbers are non-geographic numbers charged at the rate of local landline phones.

Therefore, these rates also apply when you are calling an 0333 number on a BT landline phone. However, there are certain BT packs that offer free minutes to call landline phones. There are also free callings hours for making phone calls to local landline phones.

You should check if your BT plan offers you these free minutes or free calling hours to landline phones. Calls within these time frames to 0333 numbers will not be charged.

Part 2: How Much Do 0333 Numbers Cost on BT?

To answer the question, 0333 numbers have a continuous charge of 12p per minute and a setup charge of 21p when you are calling it from BT landline.

As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to check with your plan’s available free minutes to call landline phones, or the timings in which you can make free phone calls to landline phones.

If you compare the 0333 number calling costs for various networks, calls to 0333 number on BT are cheaper than most other phone networks.

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Part 3: Can I Call an 0333 Number from Abroad?

Yes, it is possible to call an 0333 number from outside of the UK. When you want to call these numbers from abroad, you will have to add the UK country code, which is +44.

You will also need to omit the initial zero from the number code 0333, making the code to be – 333. With this, you can use the seven digit phone number of the organisation that you wish to call.

You should keep in mind that calling an 0333 number from abroad counts as an international call. Therefore, these calls are generally charged at a very high price. You should check the international call rate of your network provider before you make such a call.

Part 4: Is it Possible to Get an 0333 Number for My Business?

Due to its countless benefits,0333 number is used by businesses and organizations extensively all over the UK. It is possible for you to get your own 0333 number too.

The best way to get your own 0333 number is through WeNumber. WeNumber is a virtual phone number provider that gets you a number code as well as a phone number of your own choice.

Since it is a virtual phone number, there is no need to set up any phone cables or wires anywhere. Further, you can use WeNumber numbers anywhere in the UK.

The numbers are activated instantly, as compared to the long waiting periods required by other phone number providers.

Further, the phone numbers offered by WeNumber come at the lowest pricing plans that you will find online or offline.

This is why countless businesses all over the UK are using WeNumber for their phone number requirements. Yours can be one of these successful businesses too!

Wrapping Up

You now know about the charges for calling 0333 numbers on BT phone. You also know a way through which you can get your own 0333 number, which I suggested you should try sooner so someone else does not take your favorite number first.