How Much Does an 0871 Number Cost to Call on Three?

Are you grappling with 0871 numbers… what they are and how much you’ll be charged to call them on Three? If yes, then you’ll find all these answers here.

Nowadays, with multiple categories of numbers, so many telecom operators, and their basket of frequently changing plans, call charges are tough to grasp.

It is certainly confusing to remember the minute details of your phone plans. If you are not careful, you may be left shocked with a very large bill.

At WeNumber, we strive to solve all your telecom related doubts. 0871 numbers are really common, and we all may need to call them some time or the other.

So in this article, we’ll answer frequently asked questions regarding them, with a focus on 0871 numbers cost on Three.

Part 1: Is It Free to Call 0871 Numbers on Three?

No, calling 0871 numbers on Three is not free of cost. You will accrue some charges irrespective of whether you are a consumer of a monthly payment plan or pay as you go contract.

In fact, these numbers are hardly ever included in any operator’s free minutes or bundled minutes plan.To understand the reason, let’s delve deeper into what exactly a 0871 number is, where it is used, and why it is charged.

Numbers with 0871 prefixes are non-geographical type business-rate numbers. So, unlike the case of 01 or 02 type geographic numbers, these allow companies to put forth a non-region specific pan-UK presence. This way, organizations can attract business from far and wide areas.

0871 numbers also have money-earning potential for the owners because companies get a rebate for every call received by them, to a maximum limit of 8p per minute.

These rebates are paid monthly to the company’s bank account. This is further explained in the next section.Due to these features, 0871 numbers are quite sought after by companies.

You must have encountered their use in several instances such as calls for pre-sales information support, ticket booking, telephonic entertainment, competition entry, chatting and horoscope lines, etc.

We hope it’s clear why you are charged a premium rate when calling a 0871 number.

Part 2: How Much do 0871 Numbers Cost on Three?

0871 numbers cost on Three comprises of dual rates:

An ‘access charge’ is levied by Three for connecting the call. For Three mobile customers, it is at the rate of 45 pence per minute. Note that this rate is different for different network operators like Vodafone, BT, EE, etc. It is also separately mentioned on your phone bill.

Most operators’ access charge is the same across the special numbers category of 084, 087, 118, or 09. It is noteworthy that 0871 numbers are often costlier when calling from a mobile phone than from a landline.

The company that you are calling will also be charging a ‘service charge’ for ringing their phone. This service charge varies between 0p to 13p a minute and is determined by the company itself. The rate does not differ for calls from mobile and landline phones.

A call on 0871 number is charged by the company because of the service delivered by them during the phone call. You might be surprised that sometimes people get charged by a company even when they are calling them to complain about this same charge!

Ofcom, in its famous ruling in July 2015, had standardized call charges for all service numbers like 0871. The upper limit at 13 pence per minute was also enforced by the same.

As per regulations, phone number owners are required to clearly inform people of the applicable service charge wherever they advertise their number.

This is why you see messages like “Call costs at xxx pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge” next to a 0871 number.

This regulation also prevents companies from using 0871 numbers for servicing its customers post-contract, which means once consumers have made the payment for something.

Service charges are regulated by Phone-paid Service Authority (PSA). If you are wrongly charged for a 0871 number call, you should seek out PSA for further guidance.

In short, 0871 numbers cost will be the sum of the access charge and service charge. For customers of Three mobile, it will be a maximum of 58p per minute.

You might have noticed variations of 0871 numbers such as 08710, 08711, 08718, etc. They are all charged in a similar manner.

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Part 3: Are 0871 Numbers Free to Call from Abroad on Three?

When you are calling from abroad, you need to check whether your phone operator supports international calls to 0871 numbers. Some small companies do not permit calls to non-geographic UK numbers.

For Three’s customers, you can call 0871 number from abroad. It will be chargeable as per access charge and service charge rate.

For making this call, you need to prefix the given number with UK’s country code +44. Then you can skip the first zero and simply dial the number as 0044871…

Some phone owners mention an alternative number to be used by people when calling from abroad. If that’s the case, then make use of that number.


We hope this article cleared out your doubts regarding 0871 numbers and their cost on Three.

Call charges to different numbers vary significantly. Hence, you should always make sure of the cost before calling. You can always depend on WeNumber to clear out your queries and keep you updated with the latest happenings in the telecom world.

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