Everything You Wanted to Know About 0345 Area Code

People often get calls from numbers starting with ‘0345’, and they start wondering where does the 0345 area code belong to?

Well, 0345 code might seem like an ordinary landline code but it is actually quite different from that. Here is all you should know about 0345 codes and who uses them.

Part 1: Is 0345 an Area Code?

Actually, 0345 area codes are not really any area code. They are non-geographic numbers that can be owned by anyone in the UK.

Not just that, but calls to 0345 are charged at the same rate as any ordinary landline phone numbers. This is why a lot of businesses switch to 0345 area codes in order to save some money for their customers.

This applies to not just 0345 but also all other 03 codes. 03 codes are non-geographic numbers treated in the same manner as local 01 and 02 codes.

03 codes were launched in 2007 for business owners. Earlier, most businesses were either using a freephone number, or a premium rate number.

The freephone numbers offered free phone calls to customers, but they turned out to be very expensive for businesses as they had to bear all the call expenses. Therefore, many businesses were looking for a cheaper alternative.

The premium rate numbers provided a business with a portion of the call cost of each call by the customer to the business. This was very expensive for the customer, and it soon turned into various scams of fake businesses trying to earn some money.

Therefore, the premium rate numbers were banned to be used for customer lines. This is why Ofcom launched 03 codes in 2007 so that businesses can switch over to a cheaper and better alternative.

Many businesses have moved over to 03 codes like 0345, from the older 08 codes. If you are a business owner, you should consider it too.

0345 area codes (like all 03 codes in general)  have several benefits over other phone number codes.

Firstly, since these numbers are non-geographic numbers, anyone can use them anywhere in the UK. Businesses utilize this opportunity and use the 0345 to provide a single point of contact for the customers in the UK, regardless of the office locations of the business.

Further, 0345 codes can be moved to any location. Therefore, if a business changes their location, they do not have to get a new phone number. They can use the same 0345 area code.

0345 is also cheaper for customers. This makes the customers feel encouraged to call a business for pre-sale product information and customer care purposes. This can make a customer like the business more.

Lastly, there are many people familiar with 0345 numbers, so these numbers can add a professional touch to your business. If you are calling someone from your 0345 area codes, they know that yours is a business that can be trusted.

Part 3: How Can I Buy My Own 0345 Area Code?

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Wrapping Up

Now I am sure that all your doubts concerning 0345 are cleared. You know who is using these numbers, why they are using them, and how you can get your own 0345 area code.