What Are 0871 Numbers?

Out of the service numbers that are popular in the market, 0871 surely marks its presence felt in the list. 0871 numbers are one of the widely used numbers in the market. Due to their non-geographic service, they are opted for by business firms to a great extent.

The non-geographic property is an excellent advantage for the companies that wish to expand the services to different locations. In such cases, certain factors ask them to step back. One of the reasons may be shifting data about customers from both ends.

The company needs to update the number every time they shift to a new location. The customers also need to get a unique number for every new place the company shifts. All these hassles are eliminated with the non-geographic numbers.

Irrespective of the location, they are accessible from any place. Another fundamental reason to use these numbers is they act as a source of extra income for you.

For every incoming call you get, a certain amount is credited to you. More the calls, more the revenue now!

Part 1: What Are 0871 Numbers?

0871 is a service-based number that is non-geographic. This means that when a company opts for such services, the number on which the service is activated will be free of any geographical boundaries.

Now, no need to change numbers depending upon the locations the company shifts.These services will be used for an extra income-based service.

The user who calls such numbers will pay the total amount, which is categorized into two parts: service charge and access charge. While the service charge is fixed, the access charge is dependent on the mobile service.

The user will approximately have to pay 41p per minute. This may be a bit expensive for the user’s end, but the services are worth it for the company.

Part 2: Who Uses 0871 Numbers?

The 0871 numbers are used for commercial purposes. The following sectors can make use of these services for a positive experience.

The callers will get the information and queries answered while the company will get paid to answer the calls. Now that is a two-way benefit, don’t you agree?

Services related to conference calls, dating apps, event organizations and management related services, booking of tickets for travel, chargeable services that are related to information can all be supported.

Support related services for the users where the ratio of calling is higher can also benefit from these services. Amongst the commercial business departments, the complaint sectors or support or key client-related departments will take the benefit of these services.

Other than these, the regular day to day services like electricity, gas and other utility-based organizations will also benefit.

Part 3: Why Uses 0871 Numbers?

When looking at it from the company’s point of view, the 0871 numbers are expected to give the company higher monetary benefits. They charge their customers a higher amount than usual, which means that the company will get a higher rebate value.

The companies that have aimed to broaden their networks to different locations can go for these services.

The non-geographic characteristic is a significant benefit in such cases. Telephone, travel, event booking, and information related companies and sectors may go for such options.

The 0871 numbers are different than the standard telephone numbers. Their plans vary as compared to those of personal numbers. Thus, these numbers do not apply to particular uses.

Part 4: What Are the Benefits of Using 0871 Numbers?

One of the main reasons why a company can opt for these services is the fact that these numbers are non-geographic. Such benefits help the companies expand and attract new business that is not geographically linked to any specific location.

These business expansions will encourage a lot of profit for the company. The broader market is surely enabled by such property. The 0871 numbers are hence used very widely and positively.

Another main reason is the rebate that the company gets. The cost of calling 0871 numbers is not free. However, for every call they get, the company will get an average of 8p per minute. By the end of the month, the entire amount is credited to the company’s bank account.

Part 5: FAQs

1. How much does it cost to call an 0871 number on Vodafone?

For a 0871 Vodafone service user, they pay approximately 55p per minute as an access charge. While the service charge is fixed, that is around 13p per minute.

2. How much does it cost to call an 0871 number on O2?

For users with O2 mobile service, the access charge will be approximately 55p from a mobile. The service is not available on a landline, and hence there is no telephone-based access charge.

3. How much does it cost to call an 0871 number on EE?

For users having EE operators, they will usually have to pay 11p in case of telephone whereas the cost is 40-50p per minute in case of mobile phones. The service charge will be added to the access charge, and the total cost will be calculated.

4. How much does it cost to call an 0871 number on Three?

The cost of calling 0871 numbers on Three is not free. This number service is for mobile users and hence the access charge for such mobile operator will be approximately 55p per minute. The service charge will be the same that is around 13p per minute.

5. How much does it cost to call an 0871 number on BT?

For landline users of BT, they have to pay around 2-10 p per minute. On the other hand, for mobile phone users, the charges are usually 20p per minute.

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0871 numbers are the service-based numbers that are non-geographic, and that gives its users a lot of benefits. Mostly opted by companies that entertain a lot of incoming calls, these are a perfect buddy for their incoming calls.

Not to forget, the service numbers pay for every incoming call the company gets! On average, the company will get approximately 8p per minute. The higher rate is because the service charges are more elevated in return to the services delivered.

The charges are sub categorized in parts – service charges and access charges. The service charge is the same for callers, whereas the access charge is dependent on the mobile phone operator that the person uses. The mobile phone usually pays more than telephone users.