5 Best UK Virtual Landline Providers Reviews in 2020

Have you been searching for the best virtual landline UK? You’ll find these answers here.

We understand that choosing a phone number and device is an important step in the journey of any business. It is important that you choose the right one that can offer you maximum advantages.

Virtual landlines have proved to be a blessing for business organizations and can help expand your company’s size, scale, and geographical reach.

They are a perfect blend of the best features of traditional on-premise landlines and new-age cloud-based applications. They can give your business the mobility and flexibility that is so much of a necessity in current times.

In this article, we will hold your hand and guide you through the entire virtual landline ecosystem, as we discuss what they are, why and who should buy them, as well as explore the best virtual landline reviews.

In the next few parts, we’ve given you a detailed review of the most popular virtual landline phones in the UK which will aid your decision-making. If you have any doubts regarding virtual phones, we advise you to jump to our FAQ section first. So, let’s begin…

Part 1: WeNumber

WeNumber is amongst the front-runners in the best virtual landline UK, as it offers several advantageous features to its users.

Choice of Numbers

You can pick from a wide range of numbers, be it toll-free type or any local UK area number.

Device Compatibility

You can forward incoming calls to any device, be it a mobile or a landline.

Unlimited Calls

There is no limit to how many calls you make. It is also offered at affordable prices.

Memorability of numbers

Most companies vie for a memorable number because it is easy to recall for their stakeholders and also gives off a superior impression about them. WeNumber allows you to choose any branded number that you want, at no extra charge.

Call management related features

WeNumber also offers very useful call management features. You can choose calls in the VIP category so they would reach you faster as well as automate useless calls that are to be dropped.

It also has a call screening feature that allows you to accept, decline, or send a call to voicemail. It is also very easy to set up a complete visual configuration of the desired call-flow.

Moreover, even when your employees are busy, no call will be lost as you can automatically get them added to a virtual queue.

Call/ Voicemail Recording Related Features:

A lot of features are offered to ensure you never miss out on any important stuff. Calls get recorded, so you can listen to them afterward.

Besides listening to voicemail as usual, it will also be mailed to you as a transcript. This ‘visual voicemail’ feature will help you get all the critical information at a glance.

App/ Software Support

You can use a soft phone on a computer to operate WeNumber’s virtual landline. Its app is also available on both Android and iOS.

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Part 2: eReceptionist

eReceptionist is another leading contender in the list of best virtual landline UK. This is indeed applause-worthy as the company itself is based out of the UK.

It has three plans, developed for early or late-stage startups and growing businesses. You can choose any number from its collection of all local area numbers within the UK, such as 0330 freephone numbers or other international phone numbers.

eReceptionist is popularly known for its virtual receptionist feature which can answer customer calls with pre-recorded messages, route calls, or send calls to voicemails.

In fact, they offer a host of country-specific pre-recorded audio messages at no cost to users. You can also set up detailed call forwarding and call scheduling maps.

There are some caveats such as call forwarding is not free in its basic plan. Similarly, you only obtain detailed call analytics if you are using its top version plan.

Part 3: Virtual Phone

Virtual Phone is another company that regularly gets listed among the best virtual landline UK.

There are a wide range, including local such as 0345 numbers, toll-free, or international numbers from 120+ countries, are offered at no extra cost. This makes it popular for many companies who wish to have a presence abroad.

Virtual Phone offers a wide variety of call management facilities such as call forwarding, automated attendant, etc. Using this automatic attendant, you can record customization messages for your inbound callers.

It is also possible to ring multiple phones in a desired timely order or even all at once. If no one is available, you can even forward the calls to the IVR or voice menu.

Virtual phones do have some limitations. It is not a good option if you need CRM integration or two or above local phone numbers for your company.

Part 4: Telecoms World

Telecoms World’s name also regularly surfaces in the list of best virtual landline UK. Its services are specific to the United Kingdom only.

You have the freedom to choose any virtual number like 0370 numbers from its basket of 520 area codes in the United Kingdom. The standard business plan offers the smallest range of numbers to choose from.

Part 5: Numbergroup

Being one of the country’s largest number providers, its name commonly comes up if you are searching for the best virtual landline UK. You could select your favorite numbers, such as 0333 numbers, as you want.

You can set up a virtual call queue for callers to reduce their frustration. You can hold conference calls and board meetings between different locations in the UK.

Call whisper and time of day routing are other customization features that you can add to your plan. They also give detailed call analytics reports which can help you measure or refine your marketing campaign.

These include recording facilities for incoming and outgoing calls, getting voicemail messages sent to email as MP3, and receiving faxes from numbers within the UK as an email attachment.

Part 6: FAQs

1. What is a virtual landline?

Virtual landlines are cloud-operated phones which can be used from any location, via any internet-connected PC, laptop, or mobile.

They are an alternative to fixed landline phones. You can use virtual phone numbers to forward calls to any pre-set telephone numbers in the UK or abroad.

2. How do virtual landlines work?

Calling a virtual landline number is the same as calling any other number. However internally, your call will automatically get forwarded to some pre-programmed place.

Internet connection is not compulsory for receiving calls on virtual landlines. You can receive these calls from either:

  • a mobile phone,
  • a landline, or,
  • a smart-phone/ computer-based application

Similarly, you can also make outbound calls using virtual landlines. You will need a good quality VoIP-enabled (Voice Over Internet Protocol) device that will be plugged into a broadband connection in place of the routine phone socket.

Else, you can also use the same app.

3. Why are they important?

Virtual landlines are very commonly used by business organizations. Let’s understand why.

The answer is quite relatable. When a company is just starting out, it can operate via a mobile phone or a landline.

But over time as you grow, your business will demand a lot of flexibility. Since virtual landline phones operate via the internet, they can provide you with that, and a lot more.

  • Mobility: You do not need to be tied down to a particular place. Even if you have your business operating from a location A in the UK, you can choose to have a number from any other region X, Y, or Z. You can keep your number even if you are moving offices or cities.

For example, if you want your customers to get the impression that you are based out of London, you can choose to have a 020 number.

Now, all your calls will simply be redirected to you, irrespective of which corner of the UK or world you are located in. Just imagine how much of London’s expensive rent, utility bill, and hassle you can save by simply investing in a virtual landline!

  • Cost-effectiveness: Virtual phones cost much less than fixed BT landlines. Line rental to BT phones cost almost 20 pounds a month, which will be your direct saving.
  • Short-term commitment: Physical landline phone contracts, such as that for a BT landline, have been 12 months long. However, virtual phones come with no such compulsion on you. You can stop using them anytime you want, with no bad feelings.
  • Easy installation: Installation of traditional landline phone hardware is a bulky, cumbersome, and time-taking process. Virtual phones operate via the internet so no additional hardware is needed and they can be set-up in no time.
  • Maintenance & Upgrade: Generally with traditional landline phones, service upgrades are chargeable and you also need some trained technicians for maintenance. Virtual landline updates are given out free of cost.
  • Flexibility: Virtual phones make it convenient for companies to add more features as their needs evolve.
  • Number Portability: Most virtual landline companies allow you to port your existing numbers to their service. This saves you from having to reprint your business cards, change your website contact information, inform customers, etc.
  • Privacy: Customers can never ascertain whether a given number is a virtual phone number that is directing their calls to another mobile or landline. It’s good because many people are of the impression that landline or local numbers are cheaper to call than mobiles.

4. Who should use them?

Virtual landlines can be used by any organization, big or small. They are even used by individuals in some cases. Though they have innumerable applications, we have listed some typical use cases here:

Startups and Small businesses: Virtual landlines can help them present a professional front. Let’s say your company is very small currently with just a handful of people. However, giving out your mobile phone number to potential clients would not give a professional impression.

When customers see a landline number, they feel that you have established your roots. So, such companies invest in a virtual landline and have their calls redirected as they want.

You also get the freedom to keep your mobile number as private even when using the same device to make and receive virtual calls.

On-the-go professionals/ virtual businesses:

Virtual landlines are useful for anyone who wishes to work on the go, without being constrained by the four-walled physical office. As long as you have good internet connectivity, you can work from any corner of the world that you want.

So, it can be worked out even when your customers keep feeling that you have a local office nearby with a local landline number. Having a virtual number is also a way to get more traffic for your website.

Large organizations:

Say you are a large company spread all over the country with many departments and local offices. You would still wish to have a single contact number for the public. It is also much cheaper and convenient to get listed on business directories if you have just one number.

Virtual numbers are very advantageous in such cases. Sometimes companies also make use of different virtual landline numbers for different marketing campaigns, which allows them to easily track their performance metrics.

Call centers:

These purchase virtual landlines to give the impression of operating out of some specific region in the UK, while in reality they might be based in far-away countries.

Individuals located abroad:

People who are located outside of the UK, such as students abroad, can purchase a virtual landline number. This way, your family will only incur local rates when calling you.

5. What are the common types of virtual phone numbers?

Three types of virtual landline numbers are being used in the country. Most companies have different plan rates for them.

Toll-free numbers:

These include 0800 and 0808. They are non-geographic in nature. Customers can call these numbers without incurring any charge, hence they lend your business a professional and appealing impression.

National UK numbers:

These are non-geographic numbers of the likes of 030, 033, 037, 05, 0845, 0843, etc. Here, 030 is specially reserved for non-for-profit institutions.

They are also quite commonly used by government bodies. These numbers attract callers because they are charged at par with local landlines even while calling these national numbers.

Geographic Numbers:

These begin with 01 and 02 prefixes. You can choose numbers that are local to your business.

6. How we evaluated virtual phone number providers?

There are many virtual phone number companies out there.

To answer your query on the best virtual landline UK, we chose those prominent companies that have been in the business for a meaningful length of time and have proven their caliber in handling the rigors of this industry.

Then, they were compared on a number of factors such as:

  • the range of numbers that you can choose from,
  • call forwarding ability to a mobile/landline,
  • inclusive minute schemes,
  • the option to choose memorable numbers,
  • call management related features offered,
  • call/ voicemail recording related features,
  • app/ software support, and,
  • pricing dynamics etc.

We hope we were successful in our endeavor to present an unbiased overview of virtual landline reviews. Now, you can surely understand which features are very useful to consider when planning to buy a virtual landline for yourself.

Accordingly, you can choose who the best virtual landline UK is for you. We understand that there are still many intricacies as different virtual landline companies offer different and even customization plans.

This article provides a brief snapshot of pricing details and we acknowledge that they are seldom comparable on a one for one basis.


Virtual landlines come with great benefits to businesses. That is why many companies, from established organizations to newbie startups, either use them or are considering using them.

We hope our efforts to find out and evaluate the best virtual landline UK bore fruits by aiding your decision making process. You should now understand virtual landlines, their advantages, features, and applications in a much better way.

Though we at WeNumber are very confident of our virtual phone number service and competitive pricing, we understand that every business’ need is different. We wish you all the best in your search!