How Much Do 0808 Numbers Cost to Call?

Are you searching for the calling costs to 0808 numbers? Here is the detailed information on everything you should know about 0808 numbers.  You will find this information very useful.

Part 1: Is It Free to Call 0808?

Yes, 0808 numbers are free to call numbers and you will not have to pay any charges when calling on an 0808 number.

Earlier, 0808 numbers used to be free when calling from a landline phone but chargeable when calling through a mobile phone.

However, due to the recent telecom regulations, 0808 numbers are freephone numbers no matter how you call them, provided that you are calling them from the UK.

Part 2: What Is the Difference Between 0800 And 0808 Numbers?

0800 and 0808 numbers are both freephone numbers, used by companies to offer their customers free calls to customer support and information lines.

0800 numbers were the initial line of freephone numbers that were launched in the UK. However, since every small to large scale business wanted these numbers, the supply started running low.

This is why, a second line of freephone numbers- 0808 was used. The only difference between the 0800 and 0808 numbers is in the recency.

In operation, the 0808 numbers work in the same way as the 0800 numbers.

Part 3: All You Need to Know About 0808 Numbers

Most people have no idea about what are 0808 numbers and that they even have sub-types among them.

Therefore, let me tell you about the types of 0808 numbers and who uses them.

Special Types of 0808 Numbers

Most of the 0808 numbers belong to a generic category and have no proper sub-type. Any business or organization can use 0808 numbers without any special permissions.

At the same time, there are some 0808 numbers which are reserved for specific purposes. These include:

08089 numbers are reserved for services related to the dial up internet. However, with the developments in the internet technology, no one really uses the dial up feature anymore. Therefore, these systems are more or less obsolete.

08080 numbers are the numbers that have been migrated from the 0321 prefix, as the 0321 prefix has become obsolete now.

08085 numbers are the numbers that have been migrated from the 0500 code, as the 0500 prefix has become obsolete now.

080880 numbers have been reserved for charities and other organizations in this public benefit sector, such as the advice helplines. The Helplines Partnership oversees these numbers.

Examples of 0808 Numbers

Here are a few examples of popular 0808 numbers in the UK:

0808 100 0707: This number is the Tesco Club card Boost customer service contact number. You can use it to gain points and rewards when spending at the popular supermarkets in the UK.

0808 163 5559: This number is the customer service and general enquirer contact number for the Aviva Insurance policies.

0808 234 9279: This number is the customer service number for AOL, which is a popular email hosting and multimedia company of the UK.

You will find countless other 0808 numbers, one for almost every company which you are interacting with as a consumer.

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Wrapping Up

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