How Much Does It Cost to Call 0843 Numbers on EE?

0843 numbers are used by companies as their service numbers. Since EE is one of the most popular network providers in the UK, people often ask ‘how much does it cost to call an 0843 number on EE?’

If you want to know about these 0843 number costs when calling from the EE network, you should keep reading for this information.

Part 1: Are 0843 Numbers Free to Call on EE?

No, calling to 0843 numbers is not free on EE (or any other network provider in the UK). Since 0843 numbers are service numbers for companies, they attract a service charge as well as access charge.

Further, even if you have free minutes on your EE account, you will not get to use them for calling an 0843 number. Therefore, 0843 numbers are ALWAYS chargeable on EE.

While these charges used to be high, they are now restricted due to recent telecom measures.

Part 2: What Is the Cost to Call 0843 Numbers on EE?

The cost of calls to 0843 numbers is divided into two parts – access charges and service charges.

The access charges are charged by the EE network for accessing their resources to call a number. These are benefitted to EE themselves.

The service charges are credited to the company that you are calling, and these are charged by the company for providing you with the call services.

Earlier, companies used to employ the 0843 number for their customer care helplines. However, this is not allowed anymore. However, 0843 numbers can still be used for pre-sales enquiries.

Although if a company is using it for that purpose, they have to specify the costs beforehand. Here is a table of the costs of calling an 0843 number on EE:

Costs to Call an 0843 Number on EE


Access Charge

Service Charge

Total Charge

EE Landline 11p per minute 7p per minute 18p per minute
EE PAYG & Small Business 44p per minute 7p per minute 51p per minute
EE Mobile (including SIM only & Pay monthly) 50p per minute 7p per minute 57  p per minute

As you can see, the costs of calling 0843 from mobile and landline are different. The service charges for 0843 numbers are fixed and limited to 7p per minute. No 0843 number can attract more service charge than 7p per minute.

There are many disclaimers that claim that ‘0843 numbers will only cost 7p plus access charge), which makes people think that calls to 0843 numbers are typically cheap and around 7p per minute.

However, as you have seen in the table, the access charges for 0843 numbers are very high, which can peak the total costs very much. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when calling on 0843 numbers.

Part 3: What If I Receive a Missed Call from 0843 Numbers?

Since 0843 numbers generate a service charge revenue for the number owner, scams involving these numbers have become popular in the UK.

0843 missed call scam is one of these scams. The 0843 number owners make missed calls to random people (which can include you).

The person who receives a missed call from the 0843 number calls them back, which deducts a charge from the caller’s account and provides revenue for the 0843 number owner.

Therefore, if you receive a missed call from an unfamiliar 0843 number, it is a good idea not to call it back.

Part 4: How to Get 0843 Numbers Online?

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Wrapping Up

Now you know the charges associated with 0843 numbers when calling from an EE account. You also have a way to get your own 0843 numbers. Therefore, if you are a business, you should try it out!