What Are 0370 Numbers?

0370 numbers are becoming very popular in the UK. This makes a lot of people wonder what these are.

Are you one of those people who wants to know what is an 0370 number and how these numbers can be useful for your business?

Here is all the information you will need about 0370 numbers. You will also know how you can get your own 0370 numbers and use it for your business.

Part 1: What Are 0370 Numbers?

0370 phone numbers are a specific type of phone numbers that attract the same cost as that of ordinary landline numbers, without being geographically limited to any particular UK area.

These numbers cost the calls the same price as it would cost to call any average landline number. However, these are generally used for commercial and government purposes rather than for private use.

This is because since the 0370 numbers provide the advantage of landline phones without being limited to any geography, companies with nationwide offices can utilize these numbers with ease.

It is a helpful tip to note that all numbers that start with β€˜03’ always attract the same charges, no matter whether it is 0300, 0370, or anything else. All of them are treated as landline phones no matter which network you are using.

Part 2: Who Is the User of 0370 Numbers in the UK?

The 0370 number is generally used by businesses so that they can save the charges on the end of the customers that are calling them.

Private Businesses:

All types of private businesses use the 0370 numbers to provide their customers all over the country with a single point of contact. This leads to customers not worrying about the added higher costs of other business premium numbers.

In fact, businesses are migrating from the 0845 and 0870 numbers to the 0370 numbers for this very reason.

Government Organizations:

These numbers are also used by government organizations, to provide a single point of contact for their offices spread throughout the country.

For example, the Department of Education uses the 0370 numbers in their offices so people can contact them from all over the UK, without attracting premium charges.

Banking Sector:

0370 numbers are also used widely by the banks in the UK. Since every bank has thousands of customers spread across geography, the 0370 numbers provide a cheap method for customers to contact that bank.

Hospitals & Airlines:

Similar to banks, hospitals and airline offices are also known to use the 0370 numbers in the UK. Airlines, however, might switch to the 0800 freephone numbers in the near future.

Lastly, universities are also known to use the 0370 numbers as well.


Charitable organizations across the UK such as the British Red Cross Society, Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, etc.

All these charities use the 0370 numbers to provide for a single point of contact for offices all over the UK. Therefore, people can contact these charities through these numbers.

Schools and Universities:

Universities have students from all over the country, especially when we are talking about the universities in the UK which are renowned for their quality of education.

Therefore, universities use the 0370 numbers so the students and their families can contact the universities from all over the UK without paying any premium charges.

Part 3: Are 0370 Numbers Chargeable?

Many people confuse 0370 numbers with the freephone numbers because of organizations using the 0370 number as their official number.

However, contrary to this belief, the cost of calling 0370 numbers are not free. These numbers attract charges that are similar to calling a landline phone from your landline or mobile.

The benefit of this number is that it does not attract premium charges as many business phone numbers do. Therefore, it is beneficial for the customers that are calling these numbers.

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Part 4: How Can My Business Use 0370 Numbers?

If you want to use an 0370 number for your business, the best way to do it is to get an 0370 number from WeNumber.

WeNumber offers you premium 0370 numbers, without all the extravagant costs that a network provider might charge you. These virtual phone numbers can be the face of your business, no matter where it is in the UK.

In fact, if you choose WeNumber, you get to choose your own 0370 phone number. It would add to the elegance of your business and give it a professional touch.

Not just that, but you will provide your customers with a cheaper alternative to contact your business. Therefore, they can make their pre-sales and post-sales enquiries with ease.

Further, in case you are having trouble with finding an 0370 number applicable for your business, WeNumber can assist you with that too. It services countless businesses all over the UK with their phone number requirements.

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any doubts remaining in your mind, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions to help you out;

πŸ’° Do I have to pay extra rates to call a 0370 number?

No, 0370 numbers have the same rates as any ordinary landline number.

❓ Which area do the 0370 numbers belong to?

0370 are not limited to any geographical area. Anyone anywhere in the UK can get an 0370 number.

πŸ€” Should I migrate to a 0370 number if I have a 0870 number?

Definitely. 0870 numbers are no longer allowed by the telecom regulations to be used as customer helpline numbers due to the higher cost they attract. Therefore, you should migrate to a 0370 number.

⏰ How long does it take to get my own 0370 number?

If you are getting your 0370 number from a traditional network provider, it can take days from weeks to get the procedure completed. However, WeNumber gives you your 0370 number instantly!

πŸ—ΊοΈ Can people call my 0370 number from abroad?

Of course. 0370 numbers are treated as ordinary landline numbers. Anyone can call it from abroad by adding +44 (country code of UK) and omitting the initial zero (using 370).

Wrapping Up

Now you know all about 0370 numbers and who uses these numbers, your query is solved. If you are searching to use an 0370 number for your business, you can get one within minutes from WeNumber.