How Much Does an 0300 Number Cost to Call on EE?

Are you wondering about the call costs of 0300 numbers from EE network? If that is the case, you will find out about all the right information here.

0300 numbers are non-geographic landline numbers in the UK. This means that unlike 01 and 02 numbers, 0300 numbers are not limited to any particular UK location.

Part 1: Are 0300 Numbers Free on EE?

No, 0300 numbers are not free on EE (or any other network provider for that matter). 0300 are treated as landline numbers, so you can make a free call on a 0300 number only if you have free landline minutes in your EE account.

Part 2: How Much Does It Cost to Call 0300 Numbers on EE?

When you want to call an 0300 number on the EE network, you pay the usual cost of calling an ordinary UK landline number. The fee charged by EE on 0300 numbers is on a per minute basis.

The cost to call a 0300 number is different on EE landlines as compared to EE mobile. Therefore, we will walk through the costs of calling 0300 numbers.

Cost to Call 0300 Number on EE landline:

When it comes to calling a 0300 number on EE landline, the rates are divided into two parts. Firstly, there is a charge of 20p per call labelled as connection charges. There are per minute continuous charges too, tabbed at 12.5 p per minute.

There are some EE landline plans that let you make free landline calls any day of the week. If you have one such plan, you can call a 0300 number anytime for free.

There are also some EE landline plans that allow for up to 1 hour of free landline calls on the weekend. If you are listed in such a plan, you will be able to call a 0300 number for one hour without any charges (on weekends only).

Cost to Call 0300 Number on EE Mobile:

EE mobile plans are divided into two categories: Pay as you go plans and Pay monthly plans. Let me walk you through the charges for each of them:

Pay as you go:

If you are a subscriber to EE pay as you go plan, you will need to pay a connection charge of 44p per minute, plus a continuous fee of 30p per minute when you are calling an 0300 number.

If you notice, this pricing is more than calling a 0330 number from an EE landline. However, there are some packs like the ‘Everything’ and ‘Talk & Text’ pack on EE which will give you some free minutes to call an 0300 number.

Pay Monthly:

There are many pay monthly plans offered by EE that let you use some free minutes to call 0300 phone numbers owned by charities.

Other than the free minutes package, the Pay Monthly plan is chargeable at the two part rate. There is a connection fee of 50p for every call to 0300 number, and a continuous fee of 50p per minute.

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Part 3: Calling 0300 Number From Abroad on EE Mobile

When we are considering the free minutes in your EE mobile account to call an 0300 number, it is not free if you are doing it from outside of the UK.

Calling an 0300 number from abroad will attract the same charges as an ordinary UK landline phone would.

Further, if you want to call a UK phone from abroad, you will have to add the (+44) code prior to the number, followed by (330), followed by the number itself.

Part 4: How to Buy 0300 Numbers for My Business?

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Wrapping Up

Now you know how much it costs to call 0300 numbers from EE landline as well as mobile. You even know a way to get your own 0300 number from WeNumber. So if you have your own business, I suggest you get your 0300 number ASAP.