Everything You Wanted to Know About 0843 Area Code

Many of us are getting confused between 0843 area code and telephone numbers. This article will help you to get a brief idea about the 0843 code. If you have ever heard about these non-geographic numbers then you are very close to know about them. 

They are introduced to provide services that were historically unavailable on regular landline phone numbers. This UK service number is used by a wide range of businesses. 

Though this number falls under the category of non-geographic numbers (NGNs), all kinds of businesses across the country have realized that 0843 area codes help them to have effective communication with their customers. 

Not only this but NGNs offers powerful call management features that are essential for business growth.

Part 1: Why Business Chooses an 0843 Area Code?

  • 0843 codes sustain a more explicit presence in the UK
  • UK landline calls cost no extra charges.
  • 0843 numbers help businesses to build professionals impressions 
  • Only one main 0843 number connects your entire office easily

Part 2: What Services Provided by 0843 Code?

You can choose your 0843 code so whenever your customers call, all the calls will immediately redirect to your selected ‘destination’ number.

However, 0843 area code’s typical use includes, 

  • Support lines and information
  • Ticket and travel event booking services
  • Conference call services
  • Pre-sales information lines
  • Post-sale complaints and queries
  • Conference call services
  • Business and hunt group call services

After knowing the typical purpose of using 843, let’s look into services offered by 0843 numbers:

Call Routing

For better flexibility, calls will be redirected to virtually from any destination. Furthermore, you can automate this re-routing facility naturally by changing or canceling the redirection services. 

Call routing also covers such features, like hunt groups, ring groups, and ‘out of hours’ routing available. 

Free divert-to-mobile & free voicemail

You can efficiently divert your 0843 area code to your mobile number with free voicemail and automatic routing combination.

Better and peaceful communication

Organizations which are covering multiple locations can find the best way to market their business with a single national number rather than presenting with various numbers for different locations.

0843 Area Code Offers Resilience Recovery: 

In certain situations, geographically routed telephone numbers may become unreachable. There may be network or damage or any other disasters that may affect linked locations. 

Whereas 0843 numbers can be easily redirected to alternative network locations and don’t stop incoming calls at any conditions. 

After having a brief discussion about the services of 0843, you must be wondering about charges. Right? 

Part 3: Calling Charges of 0843 Area Code

The charges of 0843 calling are generally split into 2 parts: 

  1. Access Charge
  2. Service Charge

These dual rates are divided in this manner. When callers call on 0843, they pay an access fee as a cost of the phone call and then service charges include the cost collected for the organization which is offering this service.

Part 4: Benefits of 0843 area code

Big blessing for multiple organizations:

0843 code stands like a boon to many industries such as insurance, marketing, financial, debt, etc. All of these industries pursue a single number and can easily get in touch with their customers.

Avoids uncertainty: 

The businesses that use 0843 code can readily avoid confusion amongst their branches and create a closer relationship with customers. 

Release from branding pressure:

Businesses can get rid of the marketing obligation by using the 0843 area code. They don’t have to advertise their services or products under the pressure of displaying numbers and specific locations. 

Removes troublesome process:

If you are relocating your business then you can have a hassle-free process of changing phone numbers.


This virtual 0843 code also has other benefits as well. Before you get your virtual 0843 number it is necessary that you have enough knowledge about what is 0843 area code, how it works and why it is used by millennial businesses to large organizations. 

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