What Are 0208 Numbers?

Since you have reached this page, you must have encountered 0208 numbers. Perhaps you are wondering about what they are, where they are used, or how much you’ll be charged to call them?

Maybe you wish to buy a 0208 number for yourself and don’t know how to go about it? You’ll find all such answers here.

Nowadays, the UK’s telecom system is akin to a complicated maze. You are bombarded with varieties: from different number prefixes to different network operators, to their multiplicities of plans and charging schemes. It’s difficult to understand and choose.

You can depend upon WeNumber to make your journey easier. We’ll solve your telecom related queries and keep you updated with the latest happenings in this industry. In this article, we have explained 0208 numbers in depth.

Part 1: What Are 0208 Numbers?

Have you come across a 0208 number and are wondering what area code is 0208?

0208 numbers are associated with London and its nearby areas. The UK capital’s numbers always begin with the prefix of 02. These may be 0203, 0207, 0208, etc. Whatever the next eight digits are in a typical London number 020 xxxxxxxx, they are a part of its local number.

All these numbers have similar characteristics, the only difference is concerning when their public allotment had started. 0207 and 0208 numbers are fairly old.

With the decreasing availability of 0207 numbers, you are bound to encounter the phone code 0208 more and more. On the other hand, the 0203 code is relatively recent as its use began only around 2005.

All numbers in the UK can be sub-divided into geographical and non-geographical types. Since the telephone code 0208 is associated with the physical region of London, it is a geographical number.

Customers can make out where you are calling them from and hence in which city your business might be located. Note that 0208 numbers can be purchased for either of the uses- personal or professional.

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Part 2: Are 0208 Numbers for Outer London Numbers?

Where is the 0208 number allotted within London? People are often confused about the 0208 area code map and it is also grounds for some common misconceptions.

We have heard people saying that each prefix is related to a specific region of London. This statement held true between the 1990s and 2000s when 0208 numbers were used for outer areas of London and 0207 numbers for its inner regions. Today, it is no longer the case.

The earlier allotment criteria was abolished during the mid-2000s. Now, any 02 London number can be given to any person in any region of London. A testimony to this fact is that several renowned companies in the central regions of London have 0208 numbers.

At the start of the century, old 0181 numbers being used in outer London were migrated to 0208 code and pre-existing 0171 numbers of inner London were renumbered as 0207 numbers.

A good percentage of 0208 numbers are being used in outer parts of London, which is the dominant reason why people misconceive that any 0208 number means that the call is coming from London’s outskirts.

Another common question is that if you are receiving a call from a 0208 number, is it necessary that the caller is physically present in London?

Again this is not essential. Just like any other landline number, it is easy to forward 0208 number calls to anywhere in the UK, abroad, or to VoIP phones.

Part 3: What Is the Cost to Call 0208 Numbers?

The call costs to 0208 numbers are equivalent to that of other geographic numbers in the UK such as 0161, 0113, etc. These numbers are often referred to as ‘local rate’, ‘basic rate’, or ‘national rate’.

Most of the phone operators offer plans with inclusive minutes for 02 numbers. So you won’t incur any charge on dialing code 0208 so long as you have free calls in your landline tariff or free minutes in your mobile plan.

Sometimes this comes with conditions such as the call may be free only if it is made during a specific time period of the day, like evening hours, or if it is made on weekends, etc.

Once you exhaust your plan benefits, you are generally required to pay

  1. Call connection charge
  2. Charge at a per-minute rate

Typical cost charges to 0208 area code are 10 pence per minute for landline users and 40 pence per minute for mobile users. As you can notice, it usually costs more to call a 0208 code from a mobile than a landline.

The exact extent of free minutes and the rate of charge afterward is dependent on which phone company and which plan scheme you are enrolled in.

It may also vary for calls made from mobile or landline devices. We have answered operator-wise 0208 call charges in the FAQ section.

Part 4: Can You Use 0208 Code For Virtual Numbers?

Yes, 0208 numbers can be purchased for virtual landlines. In fact, because of the unique advantages associated with the 0208 number location, it is definitely worth checking out.

You see, whenever someone receives a call from an unknown number such as the 0208 number here, they often wonder whose telephone number is 0208?

Since it is one of the most popular prefixes, it immediately gives the callers the impression that your business is situated in London. So if you have the dialing code 0208, the prestige and world-wide favorable recognition of being associated with London will rub-off on you.

There are also some London people who only wish to transact with local businesses. Since London is very densely populated, losing this chunk of business without any initial contact would be unfortunate.

If you have 0208 numbers, you won’t lose such potential customers because of location disadvantages.

Using virtual phones, all this will become doable without having to worry about London’s steep, traffic, and other costs. This is why many companies purchase 0208 numbers for their virtual landlines.

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Part 5: Is It Required to Dial 0208 Code Within London?

No, you need not dial 0208 numbers with this code. Within London, you can skip the 020 London code and simply call the next eight digits which make up your local number.

For instance, if your number is 020 81234123, then you may dial 81234123 from a landline phone.

Part 6: How to Call an 0208 Number From Abroad?

You can call 0208 numbers from abroad in these simple steps:

  1. Dial the UK’s country telephone code +44
  2. Next, type the area code by skipping the first 0.
  3. Key in the local number (4 to 8 digits).

So if you wish to call 02 081234123 from the USA, you will have to dial +44 208 1234123.

Part 7: FAQs

1. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on Vodafone?

For Vodafone users, calls to 0208 numbers are included in its free minutes allowance to a certain extent.

As long as you don’t exhaust your pack allowance, you won’t incur any charge. Beyond this, you will be required to pay an access charge of 55 pence for each minute of the call.

2. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on BT landline?

BT has several plan options for its users which treat 02 numbers, such as 0208 numbers differently. Some contracts allow customers to call a 0203 number for free during evening times, for others it may be free during the weekend.

On some BT plans, calls to 0208 numbers are free so long as they are shorter than 60 minutes. Make as many calls of 59 minutes as you want and it won’t cost you anything. We advise you to check your phone contract for details.

In case you have finished your plan’s benefits, or if you are making the call during chargeable times, BT will levy a charge at the rate of 13 pence per minute. In addition to this, there is a minimum cost for call connection cost at 22 pence.

3. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on Tesco?

For customers enrolled in monthly contracts, all 02 numbers, including 0208 numbers, are free to a certain extent. Beyond this limit, Tesco users have to pay a charge at the rate of 25 pence per minute.

Even for the users who pay on the go basis, the rate is the same at 25 pence per minute, which is calculated second-wise. A connection charge of 10 pence is levied in addition to this.

4. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on Three mobile?

Like other 02 numbers, calls to 0208 numbers are generally included in Three Mobile’s free minutes allowance. Once you use up your free minutes, you will be charged differently on different Three’s plans.

For monthly contract users of its Advanced and Essential plans, call costs to 0208 numbers beyond free limits are charged at 35 pence per minute. For customers paying on the go, this cost is just 3 pence per minute.

5. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on ID mobile?

Calling a 0208 number may not cost you anything if you have free minutes left in your ID Mobile plan’s allowance.

If you have exhausted your monthly quota, the charge is usually between 3 and 55 pence a minute. The exact rate will depend on your phone package. You can check it on your initial plan agreement or your monthly phone bill.

6. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on Sky Talk?

Call costs to 0208 numbers on Sky Talk, like any other 02 number, will depend on your package details. Some agreements allow you to make this call at free of charge.

For Pay As You Talk users, any call to the UK landline will cost you 12.54 pence a minute.

For users of Sky Talk’s plan, if you call a 0208 number between 0700 hours and 1900 hours on Monday to Friday, you will be charged at 12.54 pence per minute.

If you call any other time, such as during the weekend, its charges are already included in your monthly fee of 4 pounds. You need not pay anything extra.

For users of Sky Talk’s International Extra and Sky Talk’s Anytime Extra plan, all calls to 0208 numbers are included in your plan and no extra cost is levied. The monthly fee for these plans is 12 pounds and 8 pounds respectively.

7. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on TalkTalk?

Call costs to 02 numbers, such as 0208 numbers, vary between mobile and landline. For landline users, it may be up to 13 pence.

For mobile users, it may range between 3 pence and 55 pence. TalkTalk has several plans and the call is charged differently by them. We advise you to check your contract for exact details.

8. What is the cost to call 0208 numbers on Virgin mobile?

The calls to 02 numbers, such as a 0208 number, are charged differently by Virgin Mobile on its various plans.

If you are using its Monthly contract, then calls to 0208 code will be free to a certain pre-specified minutes limit. Beyond this, there is a charge of 50 pence per minute and a surcharge of 3 pence per minute.

If you are using its Pay As You Go contract, the exact charge will depend on your plan choice. The standard plan levies a charge of 40 pence per minute. The Big Talk and Big Data and Plan have the going rate of 35 pence per minute.

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