What Are 0113 Numbers?

With the availability of several telephone numbers, 0113 makes its presence felt by providing services in various geographical locations in Yorkshire. Leeds comes out to be one of the prominent areas covering the 0113 Numbers.

Whenever any customer dials 0113 number, then the calls will automatically be redirected to your existing mobile phones, telephones as well as landlines.

It doesn’t matter where the users are currently located because 0113 will give an insight to the caller that the number belongs to Leeds. 0113 does not even depend upon the ‘destination number’.

Now, users must be wondering what unique feature does 0113 provide to its users or whether 0113 is a valid number or not?

Part 1: What Are 0113 Numbers?

0113 phone code is generally categorized as significant landline numbers, and the charges associated with this number are also nominal. It simply means that customers can safely approach you as they will get a roundabout value of the call cost.

In case you doubt the range of 0113 numbers then you must know that 0113 is easily approachable from abroad. But for that, you will simply need to eliminate the numeric 0 from the exact number which will then become +44 113 xxx xxxx.

So, number 113 is said to be used when the dialer wishes to connect to a local number from abroad. The dialer must ensure to enter the correct telephone number format, i.e. 0113 xxx xxxx.

Thus, it will be helpful for the dialer in memorizing these digits and it will make it easier for them to implement. Also, you can easily change your 0113 number as per your requirement.

If you want to redirect to another phone, then you can switch easily without changing the actual number containing 0113. So, it is quite simple to use 0113 without even bothering to switch to some other number.

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Part 2: Areas Covered by the 0113 Numbers

0113 area code is simply called the ‘Geographical Number’ of some specific location. So, one can easily understand that whenever they receive any call with the number code 0113, there is a particular geographical location on the map that is associated.

0113 numbers are even operational in various other destinations of West Yorkshire. So, if someone is still unsure about the intricate working of 0113 code, then they can quickly check some of the reliable resources present online.

0113 area code covers the area of Leeds present near Yorkshire. Though, it also accommodates various other locations as well such as Pudsey, Armley, Garforth, and Rothwell.

So, to clear the confusion of many users, here are the lists of some of the areas covered by 0113. These are as follows:

  • Crossgates
  • Morley
  • Drighlington
  • Pudsey
  • Barwick-in-Elmet
  • Arthington
  • Adel
  • Chapeltown
  • Rothwell

These are some of the areas covered by 0113 along with Leeds. One can easily find this number code working in some of the towns as well as local villages of Leeds.

The user must note that although area code 0113 is considered to be a reliable indicator of that specific area, several other rules come into force that may prove them to be technically incorrect.

As many users might be dialing from their ‘Virtual Business Number’, it simply means that those companies have purchased that specific number to give an idea to the receiving end about them being based in that local area.

But the actual reality might be that it is not even a UK number. It may be a fraudulent call that might pose some problems to the receivers in the later stages which includes exposure of some essential credentials.

Some mobile phones offer their users the chance to tie-up their mobile phone to some traditional geographic number. This means that whenever you receive any calls from them, then it will appear to be a landline.

A question might arise in users’ minds- “Is 0113 a free number? And if it is not free then how much do 0113 numbers cost?”

Part 3: 0113 Numbers Call Costs

While a user might be wondering about how much do 0113 numbers cost, there are various plans associated with these numbers which may prove to be advantageous for several users who wish to switch their number code to 0113.

These plans are divided based on their services and features with extra-benefits unloaded. By purchasing 0113 plans, the user will get a premium approach to all the quality services associated with it at an affordable price.

So, if a user wishes to switch their number to some better alternatives such as 0113, then they must consider purchasing these plans so that they can avail all the benefits associated with it.

There might be various speculations regarding how much a 0113 number cost. Some of these plans and the benefits are fruitful.

You can easily connect customer care for more insight on these plans so that you can compute the information accordingly.

WeNumber helps in providing number 0113 to those users who are in urgent need of it along with some premium plans with add-on facilities.

Users can accordingly choose the favorable plans if needed to get the best available facilities from us. You can easily browse these plans and choose the best one out of it. If there are any queries regarding these plans, you can easily reach out to the WeNumber team.

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Part 4: Why Choose 0113 Numbers?

0113 numbers offer a bunch of different features that might not be present in the other number codes. So, purchasing 0113 is not a hectic task when compared with buying some better plans.

So, here are the lists of features which you can easily avail after getting 0113 along with the basic plans. These are as follows:

Web-Based Platform:

With this feature, users can avail all the benefits present on the website. Web approach simply will give details about the activated plans, balances, recharge plans, and even some of the exciting offers.

The Route to Mobile:

0113 offers easy routing to devices such as mobile phones which might not be available in the other numbers. Hence, this feature makes 0113 a unique number.

Device Compatibility:

If you are concerned about whether the 0113 number is compatible with the devices, then you need not worry as it works on both Android as well as iPhone.

iPhone/ Android App:

0113 has both Android as well as iOS associated Apps for the user to list their queries and solve it accordingly.

Fax to Email:

0113 offers this feature which includes delivering essential messages and details via Fax to email. Thus, 0113 helps in maintaining communication between both the devices.

Voice to Email:

0113 has this unique feature where you can quickly transfer your voice messages to email. Most of the numbers code does not provide Voice to email feature, which makes it advantageous for you to purchase 0113.

Disaster Recovery:

0113 has an easy backup feature that safeguards your number even in the worst calamities and disasters.

Thus, the entire features listed above make it ideal for you to purchase a 0113 plan for hassle-free services.

The user must note that most of these features are loaded with a minimum plan which you will need to purchase to avail those facilities.

Part 5: Choosing your 0113 number

While choosing 0113 number, it becomes much necessary to get an insight into the plans associated with it. While the cost of calling a 0113 number via landline typically hovers around 13p, it can go up to 55p in case of mobile phones.

The whole procedure is called ‘Call Set up Free’ where usually the rate of calling 0113 ranges between 15p to 20p.

Part 6: FAQs

1. Are 0113 number free to call on Vodafone?

Are 0113 numbers free for Vodafone customers? Vodafone offers free to call services when you have remaining inclusive minutes in your landline tariffs or Vodafone mobiles. Otherwise, it charges at the same rate as the other Vodafone customers in the UK.

With the help of inclusive minutes, you will be able to connect to free calls pretty easily.

2. How much does it cost to call an 0113 number on Vodafone?

If users do not have any active Vodafone plans, then you will have to buy a specific plan for the same. It consists of an access charge; you opt for any Vodafone plans.

The plan rate for calling 0113 varies from 30p for the pay as you go customers to 55p for the monthly contract customers. If you are a Vodafone landline customer, then the rate typically hovers around 11.5p per minute along with an access charge of about 19p.

3. How much does it cost to call an 0113 number on O2?

According to reliable sources, calls from 0113 are not free via O2. For that, you will have to pay as per the service plans of O2.

Typically the customer using O2 as their medium will have to pay an access charge of around 30p via SIM Pay and 35p via Go Customer. These entire plan rates are monthly, and O2 customers can decide the plans according to their requirements.

Without any inclusive minutes or contract allowance, you will have to pay the standard rates of calling 0113.

4. How much does it cost to call an 0113 number on EE?

Calling via 0113 is not free from UK phones, but if you have any inclusive minutes, then you can easily connect to 0113 without paying any charge.

However, if mobile EE users are running out of any inclusive minutes, then you will need to activate a plan with EE, which includes an access charge and per-rate minutes.

EE landline tariffs also cover the same method but with some benefits as compared with EE mobile tariffs.

Here, landline customers will have to pay a minimum 12.5p per minute along with a 20p access charge whereas a mobile customer will have to pay a minimum amount of 30p per minute along with 44p of the access fee.

5. How much does it cost to call an 0113 number on BT?

Calling 0113 via BT is free when you have a specific inclusive allowance and free minutes. Beyond that, BT will give services at standard rates which are 20p/minute for the UK Landlines and Standard 20p/min for the UK mobiles.

6. Are there any charges to call 0113 numbers from abroad on BT?

Yes, BT has specific standard rates which fluctuate depending upon several factors. BT also provides international call charges which may vary depending upon a different geographical location.

BT covers almost every country, and the calling rate is also unfixed as per the location. So, BT has its standard rates which a user can check on their official website.

7. How much does it cost to call an 0113 number on Three?

Calling 0113 via Three is free only when you have specific inclusive minutes in your account. Otherwise, the user needs to purchase a new plan for the same.

As far as mobile phones are concerned, Three provides a calling service at an access charge of 55p/minute along with the service charge of about 13p per minute.


With the flexibility and the rate of availability, it would not be wrong to say that 0113 numbers are one of the best options if you wish to buy this number from Leeds or any of the surrounding locations.

With additional plans added, 0113 would be an ideal option as the plan features will simply give you the most favorable outcomes which you want in your mobile or a landline number.

Keeping service charges and access charges in mind, users must plan which one of the mobile phone operators will be an ideal option for your 0113 numbers. These things will make it suitable for you to make the best decision for number 0113.

Remember, WeNumber is one of the best service number providers. We will be glad to provide you with a 0113 number for your business. You can also get in touch with us over any queries or to get the best offers.