What Type of Organisations and Companies Use 0870 Numbers?

0870 numbers are one of the options for a company to go through service-based numbers. By activating these number plans, one can surely earn for the incoming calls they get. The customers, on the other hand, will not be required to pay a substantial amount as well.

All organisations believe that to excel in their work, they need good customer rapport for enhancing their businesses.

To meet such requirements, they have the customer care teams involved, that are dedicated to contact their customers, help and solve all their problems.

For all such companies like call centers, banks, travel, and ticketing companies, you have an opportunity to earn from incoming calls! Yes, you heard it right. Incoming calls have now been upgraded, and they let you receive you a rebate.

This is possible for you by purchasing service-based numbers.

What are Service Numbers?

Service-based numbers aren’t ordinary numbers that a person uses. These are not involved for personal uses. These are non-geographic numbers used for commercial applications.

This means that the numbers are free of bondages in terms of region. Even if the company relocates to a different location, the amount will not change.

This is, in turn, beneficial for the customers as well. They need not be confused over every new call from a different geographic location.

These types of services are payable for customers, but in return, they are also beneficial to them. Due to these offers, the company will make sure to be connected with its customers. All the queries will now be answered; no more hassles.

Part 1: Organisations and Companies That Use 0870 Numbers

There are different types of companies working for people. organisations work under various sectors and hence when they serve a customer, they are bound to be contacted with queries or questions.

In such situations, a lot of organisations do set up call centers or customer care numbers which have a dedicated team of people to receive calls. In such scenarios, these types of companies go for service-based numbers.

The 0870 numbers are used extensively for businesses where there is a higher call rate. Like the other service numbers, the 0870 numbers also calculate charges based on access charge and service charge.

These service numbers have taken the call rates on a storm. With such offers, the call centers and query related departments in organisation welcomed such technology with open arms. Customer care has improvised a lot since this.

There are varied options when it comes to choosing the service numbers. The basic functionality is quite the same for all of them, but still while buying such packages, you can check which is best suited for your business.

An important point to remember here is the use of these numbers is restricted to commercial purposes.

One cannot connect these numbers for their plans and packages. The application on their device is discouraged in such cases. They are specially designed for company purposes and to serve these types of organisations.

Part 2: Why Organisations Use 0870 Numbers?

With the help of such service numbers, organisations need not worry about being static in their business plans. With a dynamic environment, they can be remote concerning locations, whereas the amount need not change based on the areas.

0870 numbers are types of service numbers and apart from acting as an extra source of income, also have other benefits.

There is no need for any additional hardware or software needed, but a single service provided gives you multi-functionality: call recording and automated response to list a few.

These are a complete package of advantages for the company, but also it ensures customers do not end up losing a lot of money for this.

And due to such service, the relationship between the customer and the concerned organisation will be made more concrete.

The customers will get timely and better service based on the calls to 0870 numbers. Their queries and concerns will be answered without them having to call different people and end up waiting in unnecessary waiting lists.

These types of services are available for both landline and mobile. With such a powerful social network platform, the customers can use these services quite extensively. These services are almost the same as talking over a typical phone call, from the customers’ perspective.

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Part 3: How to Buy 0870 Numbers for Your Business?

As mentioned above, there are lots of positive features these types of numbers offer. There comes another question of buying such services for the company.

Such plans are available in the market, but if you wish to put your hands on a product that hits everything perfectly, this is the place to be.

WeNumber is a platform wherein you can browse through all the plans and offers that are related to these service-based numbers. You can purchase 0870 numbers with ease.

Apart from these, there are additional services offered from our end that might help you boost the efficiency of answering all those calls.

The services are modeled for curating all your needs. The plans are formulated which aren’t going to strike you but will surely help you get good pay—no need to look for additional services when you have us.

A separate team at WeNumber is dedicated to helping you guide through the number buying process. If you have any questions, reach out to us, and we are happy to assist you in the best way we can.


Service-based numbers are non-geographic, and hence it is independent of any geographical boundaries or regions.

These types of services are positively used by organisations such as banks or ticket and travel based organisations or call centers wherein there are a plethora of callers.

The 0870 numbers are service numbers that help the companies earn benefit from the incoming calls of customers. The service numbers work with an algorithm where the incoming call for a company will bring with it a fixed amount that is calculated.

The cost is usually divided into the service charge and access charge. Summing up, the company gets the money per call. These types of plans and a lot of other benefits are handy for you out there. WeNumber has gathered the best of all they could offer for you.