01914 Area Code

Understanding phone numbers and remembering the area code can be the most important part when you start to dial a business or friend. In the United Kingdom, Cities have the same sort of layout as each other. 

The number starts with a zero and then ranges from 0121 up to 0191 before changing to a different format for smaller places. If you want to contact someone who lives on Tyneside by phone, then the number will start with 01914.

Wondering how this area code works? Here’s the full guide for you.

Part 1: What Is 01914 Area Code?

Tyneside is a large area in the North of England. It is made up of Newcastle, Tynemouth, Wallsend and Gateshead and a number of other places around the River Tyne

It is one of the Director Cities and at the time the numbers were allocated would have been considered the 9th most important place in the United Kingdom. Even if the importance of any of the places have changed, the overall  set up of numbers have not.

To get in touch with people on Tyneside it will be 0191 to dial. The 4 is added and then another 6 numbers. The start, 0191, will be for every contact you can make that falls within the Tyneside. Each area starts with a number and the 4 indicates the specific area. 

Often the first number after 0191 – in this case the 4 – will identify the part of the city where the person or company is located. Previously Tyneside’s code was 091 and has had a variety of beginnings including 0385, 0632, 0783 and 0894.

Part 2: Dialing 01914 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

When dialing an 01914 number it has to be done in a specific way. There will be people who want to call from other areas on Tyneside, reach people from other areas of the UK, and get in touch with the local from abroad

The rules that apply to national land line calls do not apply when a mobile is used and the Tyneside code is still needed.

Local calls are shorter than others and here there is no need to dial 0191. There will just be seven numbers dialed and for numbers set out as 01914, it will be 4 that start the call. 

Once the caller is outside the Tyneside area but within the UK, then it is 01904 that is rung along with the following 6 local numbers. 

International dialing will require you to remember a number of changes:

  1. The call is going to start with 00 as this is the international access code for Europe.
  2. Then 44 as this is the recognized code for the UK. 
  3. The 0 that starts the area code is not needed so that is dropped. 

Therefore, to ring the number, you have to dial 00 44 191 4XX XXXX.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01914 Area Code Cost?

Costs for calling 01914 numbers are going to vary. It will depend upon the area the call is being made from and the equipment being used. A landline is likely to have standard charges, but with mobiles it can vary quite a lot.

When using a land line and you are based in the UK it is not more expensive to call someone on Tyneside on an 01914 number than it is to deal with anyone else in the UK. 

It tends to be around 10 per minute. A mobile can vary a lot and while for some it will be free as part of their contract, for pay as you go customers it can be as much as 50p per minute.


This explanation may make it sound an ideal way to call an 01914 number but there are better ways. A virtual phone number will allow you to reach your contact in Tyneside with 01914 number in a much more efficient way. 

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