01752 Area Code

01752 area code is one of the most commonly used dialing codes in the UK. What does this numerical code express? How are they created and what is their primary purpose? How can we dial a phone number having an area code 01752?

Well, these are the questions nearly everyone is interested to know about. This article will help you understand everything about how 01752 code operates and how you can use it.

Part 1: What Is the 01752 Area Code?

01752 area code represents the Plymouth Area. In order to call a person or business phone number in this South-west England city, you will need to first dial the default area code of Plymouth which is 01752. The area code will be followed by the 6-digit local number.

The 01752 area code is not just limited to Plymouth city. But some suburban neighborhoods also come under the same area code. These areas include:

  • Brixton
  • Ivybridge
  • Knighton (South Hams)
  • Landrake
  • Millbrook
  • Newton Ferrers
  • Plymouth
  • Plymstock
  • Saltash
  • Torpoint
  • Yealmpton

Plymouth city got this new area code on 16th April 1995. On this day, popularly known as PhONEday, the dialing code for Plymouth was changed from 0752 to 01752. 

The old code was based on the antique rotary dial telephone where alpha-numeric codes were used to represent an area. For instance, the historic code for Plymouth was PL2.

Part 2: Dialing 01752 Area Code in the UK and From Abroad

While dialing a 01752 phone number, there is some common confusion in masses regarding the correct dialing format. You may have experienced failure in connecting your call because of incorrect dialing format. Some common mistakes in dialing can be:

  • Use of 01752 code in international calling.
  • Dialing 1752 code for domestic calls to the Plymouth area.
  • Not including the UK code when dialing from abroad.
  • Making a phone call without dialing the Plymouth area code.

To resolve these and many other misconceptions, we have listed down the proper format for dialing 01752 area numbers along with examples for your assistance.

For Local Call in the Same Area:

In order to access a number from Plymouth which is also registered in the same area, you will not have to add the area code. You just need to dial your destination’s landline number. For example, 123 4567.

For UK Domestic Call Outside Plymouth:

If you want to call a number in Plymouth from within the UK, you will have to add area code in the beginning. So, for instance, dialing a 123 4567 telephone located in Plymouth, you will have to enter 01752 123 4567.

For Calling Plymouth Number Outside the UK:

And if you want to access a local number in Plymouth sitting outside the UK, you will have to follow the below steps:

  1. First, enter the international access code 00.
  2. Second, add the UK country code 44 before the area code.
  3. Then, enter the area code without the 0 at the beginning.
  4. Lastly, dial the local number. 

So, the correct dialing format for international calls to Plymouth becomes international access code + UK country code + Plymouth area code + Local number. For example, if your destination number is 123 4567, you will have to dial 00 44 1752 123 4567.

Any other dial format other than stated above will end up in the spam folder of the network server office.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01752 Area Code Cost?

Depending upon the package you are using, the network you are on and the area you belong to, the call rates may differ slightly. 

But having searched the most common call rates we are able to devise how much your landline and mobile phone will cost you calling a local number in Plymouth.

  • Calling from your landline in peak hours will cost you 10p-12p per minute.
  • Calling from your landline in off-peak hours will cost you 5p-10p per minute.
  • Calling from your mobile phone any time of the day will cost you 30p-50p per minute.


Plymouth, being a famous fishing harbor and a great historic city, provides a lucrative investment opportunity to businessmen around the UK. That is the reason why the use of the 01752 area code is quite popular. 

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