01722 Area Code

Area codes are the way phone numbers are organised in the UK. If you get a call from a landline, the dialing code will tell you where it comes from. 

For instance, the 01722 area code is assigned to Salisbury. But a call with the Salisbury area code could also come from a virtual phone. 

Here is what you need to know about this code and how you can make your business number with 01722 area code to a virtual one.

Part 1: What Is 01722 Area Code?

Just like you use the Salisbury postcode for mail, if you want to call someone in that region, you need to use the 01722 area code. 

This is the area code set for Salisbury and many locations around it. This small town near Stonehenge may not have a large population, but there are still enough landlines in the area.

This hasn’t always been the Salisbury area code. It used to be just 3 digits long, 722. But with an increasing number of devices, the volume of available numbers was getting too low. So, during PhONEday, in 1995, Salisbury started using the 01722 area code.

All UK local numbers changed that year. The format was basically the same. They all used 0 as the trunk number and 1 for most geographic numbers. So now the Salisbury number format is (01722) XX XXXX.

Part 2: How to Dial 01722 Area Code Within and Outside of the UK?

All local numbers in the UK are dialed the same way. But it depends on where you are calling from. If you call Salisbury within the country, just add the 01722 area code before the local number. 

When you call from abroad, here’s the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Start by dialing the international access code.
  2. Continue with the country code, which for the UK is 44.
  3. Then enter the 01722 area code, without the 0.
  4. At last, dial the local number.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01722 Area Code Cost?

If you are concerned about the costs before calling someone in Salisbury, rest assured you will only pay the normal charges to local numbers. There are two situations, depending on the type of phone you are using.

If you are dialing the 01722 telephone code from a landline, the cost will probably be about 10p per minute. It depends on the provider and the moment you are calling. Calls to landlines are usually free in the evening or on weekends.

When you call from your mobile phone, you will pay the costs, normally around 10p to 40p per minute, your provider has set in the contract. Most users have free calls and reduced rates, at least between certain hours.

Wrapping Up

All area codes in the UK have the same rules, so the 01722 area code is no exception. It is assigned to Salisbury and the surrounding area, but it can also be linked to a virtual phone. 

If you own a business and want to grow it, this may be an excellent option for you. It seems clients prefer local businesses, so it’s worth trying. WeNumber can get you a useful virtual line with various features and lower prices than the network providers in the UK.