01733 Area Code

Peterborough is based around the tourism industry. As a result, there will be a lot of people dialing Peterborough and will need to use the dialing code 01733. This code is needed for both businesses and residences.

This guide will provide a full understanding of how 01733 area code works whether inside or outside of the UK alone with its costs.

Part 1: What Is 01733 Area Code?

Peterborough is a Cathedral city 75 miles from London. It is very flat and the area around the fens are below sea level. The cathedral is a focal point and the general layout of Peterborough can be traced back to the design by Abbot Martin in the 12th Century. 

There are plenty of reasons to call Peterborough numbers starting 01733 including contacting some of the bigger businesses including Bauer Media Group and Colorplast.

Up until 1995 the code for Peterborough was 1733 and that year the 0 was put in front. That was not the first change that happened, as previously it had been PE3. This was the beginning of  Peterborough and was dialed as 733.

Part 2: Dialing 01733 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

When dialing Peterborough, it will depend upon your location. If you are located in Peterborough, then you will only need to dial the local number. This does not apply when using a mobile – then 11 digits have to be used.

When calling from outside Peterborough, it is necessary to add the 01733 area code at the beginning for both landline and mobile users. 

Calling from abroad is different. As you are in a different country you will need to use the codes that facilitate reaching numbers in the United Kingdom. 

  1. Enter 00 as the international dialing code as the start. 
  2. Then, 44 indicating that it is the United Kingdom you want to reach. 
  3. Remove the 0 from the Peterborough area code. 
  4. Then, dial the local number that you want to reach. It should appear as 00 44 1733 XXXXXX.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01733 Area Code Cost?

The price to pay for calling Peterborough will depend on a number of factors. If you call off peak and use a landline it will be around 10p a minute. Dialing 01733 numbers at peak times will cost about 12p per minute. 

The cost via mobile will depend upon the contract each provider gives. It is likely to be more expensive when using a pay as you go contract. When there is an all-inclusive plan this dialing code should be included in the allowance.

It will be more expensive to call Peterborough from abroad. Here it will be different for different regions of the world. It will be best to check with the provider before making the call.


Besides getting an 01733 area code from different network providers such as Vodafone, there is a better way to acquire one from WeNumber. It is much easier and cheaper to use a virtual number for your business.