02381 Area Code

You may have seen the 02381 area code many times. Do you want to know which area those codes belong to? How do these codes originate? How much does it cost to dial these landline codes locally and abroad? 

Well, this article will answer all your queries regarding it.

Part 1: What Is 02381 Area Code?

02381 area code is actually 023(81) and it is the Southampton dialing code. So, if you see a number starting with a 02381 dialing code, you can easily recognize it as a Southampton landline number.  

Since 2000, 023 has been the area code for Southampton, Portsmouth and the surrounding area. Numbers having digit 8 after 023 belong to Southampton city in particular.

Eight more digits after this code are called local numbers. When calling within Southampton, there is no need to dial the 023 area code. Dialing only a local eight-digit number would suffice. It is that simple!

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that someone calling from 02381 area code does not mean that it is located in Southampton. Services like VoIP and virtual numbers allow people to use such area codes without being physically linked to that specific area

Let’s take a look at the history of 02381 area code:

Southampton was allotted this area code after the ‘Big Number Change’ in the UK in 2000. Southampton had the area code 01703 before this change. Following the change, Southampton and Portsmouth were unified and given 023 area codes. 

Furthermore, numbers having code 0239 were given to Portsmouth, whereas 0238 area codes were given to Southampton.

Part 2: How to Dial 02381 Area Code in the UK and From Abroad?

Follow the below steps when dialing 02381 in different areas.

Dialing a 02381 Area Code Within Southampton:

  1. Use the eight-digit local number only e.g. 81 XXX XXX
  2. Using area code along with the local number is also okay e.g. 02381 XXX XXX

Dialing a 02381 Area Code Within the UK:

  1. First, enter Southampton area code e.g. 023
  2. Then, dial your local number e.g. 81 XXX XXX

The Final dialed number format would look like this 02381 XXX XXX

Dialing a 02381 Area Code From Abroad:

  1. Add the international access code 00 at the start
  2. Enter the UK dial code i.e. 44
  3. Then enter the 02381 Southampton area code without first zero e.g. 2381 XXX XXX

The Final dialed number (for international calls only) would look like 00 44 2381 XXX XXX

Part 3: How Much Does dialing an 02381 Area Code Cost?

Well, calling an 02381 area code is not very costly. Calling such a number from a landline in the UK would cost about 10p per minute. But this rate also changes depending on what time of the day you are calling at.

However. it is more costly from a mobile phone compared to calling from a landline. It costs between 10p to 40p per minute plus call set-up fee.

To engage the consumers, most landline operators in the country offer call packages that allow people to call free at certain times of the time. Sometimes, they allow limited free-minutes at all times of the day.

Mobile operators also facilitate the consumers by providing free any-time minutes in the monthly contract with them. They also offer a bundle of free minutes at a reduced cost in the form of top-up credit of the consumer.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this article is useful in addressing your major queries about 02381 numbers and help you quickly identify any number with this area code and guide your friends and fellows.

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