02393 Area Code

Portsmouth is a port and has a long history of maritime activity and as a result a lot of the residents will be naval employees. It will be the first time that a lot of them are away from their families and as a result will be desperate to keep in touch. 

In fact, the main code for Portsmouth is 023 but many of the numbers then follow with 93. If you are wondering how this area code works, read the following sections to get a full understanding.

Part 1: What Is 02393 Area Code?

Portsmouth is the only island city in the United Kingdom. It is a fitting location for the Mary Rose which was the ship of King Henry VIII. Despite being such a big base for naval recruits there is also a lot to see if holidaying there.

The Portsmouth code was not always 02393. Up until 1995 the code was 0705, and in that year a 1 was added. It became 01705. Further changes happened in the year 2000 when the code merged with the Southampton code and became 023. 

All areas in the country were likely to have changes that year, but the change for Portsmouth was a little different from many in as much as it became linked to another area – Southampton. 023 is the main part of the number and 93 covers part of Portsmouth. 

Part 2: Dialing 02393 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

When you live in Portsmouth and are calling another Portsmouth number it is going to be different than when calling from outside. 

Local call has the simplest format . There is no need to use the dialing code. While, this only applies to landlines. You would dial 93XX XXXX. As for mobile users, you still require the dialing code to make a call.

When calling from elsewhere within the United Kingdom, it is the same using a landline or mobile. 02393 is dialed and followed by the local number. The layout would be 023 93XX XXXX. 

The final way you may need to dial Portsmouth is when living abroad. Here, a few changes are made:

  1. You need to use the international access code 00. 
  2. Then the United Kingdom has to be identified so 44 is used. 
  3. Finally, remove the 0 from the front of the Portsmouth number When ringing dial 00 44 2393 XXXXXX. This  applies for a mobile or landline.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 02393 Area Code Cost?

It is important to understand what you will be charged to call Portsmouth. When using a landline, it will be around 10p per minute off peak and 12p per minute peak times. A mobile will be dearer and range from 20p to 50p per minute on a pay as you go contract. 

It is hard to give an exact price as all providers have their own fees. Costs are uniform across the United Kingdom. Calling Portsmouth from abroad will be more expensive. There will be different costs from different mobile suppliers. 

Before starting to call Portsmouth from another country it is best to find out the price. Calls from other European countries will normally be less expensive than those further afield.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have learnt everything about using an 02393 area code to make a call to someone in Portsmouth. It is also helpful for businesses to reach the local customers by using such area code.

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