01603 Area Code

The first thing to do if you are struggling to get in touch with someone in Norwich is to check if you are using the right dialing code. To reach contacts who live or are based there, you need to dial 01603 before starting to dial their local number.

Part 1: What Is 01603 Area Code?

Norwich is a city in Norfolk and at one time was second only to London when it came to size and population. It is not a large city and while it has a lot of businesses there it is best known for finance and insurance.

This dialing code is 5 digits which is in keeping with a lot of areas of the United Kingdom. Major cities tend to have a layout of their own.while, Norwich does not follow the trend as it is not seen as one of the 9 most important cities. It was placed too far down the list to be included.

Prior to 1995, the code for this area was just 0603. Like most areas it had the 1 added as a result of ongoing changes. There was an even earlier code used. It was NO1 – as you would imagine, with the NO being short for Norwich. 

At the time, phones were rotary phones so you dialed 603 to reach your contact. 01603 is not just used for the city of Norwich. There are many surrounding areas that share the number.  To reach someone in Norwich you have to dial 01603 XXXXXX.

Part 2: Dialing 01603 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

Before you start calling 01603 area code, you have to consider where you are dialing from. 

If you are dialing from Norwich, then you don’t need to use it. Drop 01603 and just dial the local numbers. This is only the case when using a landline. If you call from a mobile then you still have to include 01603.

When dialing from any other part of the UK it does not matter if you use a landline or mobile. You need to call the entire number, so it will be 01603 XXXXXX. 

The big change is when the call is being made from abroad. Here are all you need to make an international call:

  1. Start by dialing 00 as this is the international access code.
  2. Next, enter the United Kingdom code 44. 
  3. Now the 0 has to be dropped and this is followed by dialing 1603. When put together you would dial 00 44 1603 XXXXXX.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01603 Area Code Cost?

The final thing you will need to know when calling Norwich is the cost. This will vary depending upon where you are based, and also how you call. Remember to take the time into account. 

If you are calling from anywhere in the United Kingdom it could be 10p off peak and 12p peak time when calling from a landline. 

If using a mobile to call an 01603 number you would need to check with your provider as all set their own rate. Generally, it will be as low as 20p per minute or as much as 50p per minute.

Calling from abroad is going to be more expensive. The cost will depend upon your provider and where you are. Before making that call, check what you will be charged.


Now you have all the information you need to let you make your calls to Norwich. You could also keep in touch with your family, friends, or customers in Norwich by using a virtual number from WeNumber. You will find that it is easy and does not cost you a great deal.