01913 Area Code

Having difficulties in contacting a business or a person in Durham via phone? You might not be dialing the right Durham area code. 

There are specific area codes assigned for each area in the UK. This article will introduce 01913 area code in depth and explain the steps of dialing it properly in different areas.  

Part 1: What is 01913 Area Code?

You might be wondering why the Durham area code is so long. It wasn’t the case in the past. Prior to 1982, the code was 0385. It was changed first to 091 and then to 0191 in 1995.

The reason for that was the switch to STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) system. Not many areas in the UK have an area code with that pattern. Durham, Sunderland, and Tyneside are among the few that have an area code with the ‘1×1’ format. 

Also, 01913 area code has an interesting format. The ‘0’ in there is the trunk code that is part of all the area codes used in the UK. The ‘3’ at the end isn’t actually a part of the area code. It is merely the first digit of the local Durham numbers. 

Many people wrongly think that 01913 is the Durham area code. It is just 0191. So, the correct format for the Durham area code is 0191(3). After this, you will have to dial the rest of the local Durham number you want to call.        

Part 2: Dialing 01913 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

If you are dialing from within the UK, the Durham area code you will need to dial is 01913. This area code won’t need any prefixes. You will then have to dial the 6 remaining digits of the local Durham number to make the call. 

However, if you are dialing from outside the UK, the format of the number would be a little different. 

  1. For starters, you will have to add the International access code, 00, in front of the Durham area code. 
  2. Then, the country code for the UK, 44, will also need to be added as a prefix. 
  3. Lastly, add 1913 following 00 44.

Do remember that the ‘0’ in the 01913 area code won’t be needed when dialing this code from outside the UK. This is because the ‘00’ would already have been added at the beginning of the number.   

So, when dialing from abroad, the 01913 area code won’t be enough to contact a person in Durham. The format you will have to adopt for making this call would be, 00 44 1913 XXX XXX. The ‘X’ here represent 6 digits of the local Durham number.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01913 Area Code Cost?

Now that you have gained an understanding of what the 01913 area code is all about, let’s discuss how much it would cost you to call it. There are two different costs to consider here. 

First one is if you are calling this area code via a landline, while the second one is if you are dialing it from your mobile. 

For landline users, the cost for calling the 01913 area code isn’t that high. You can expect it to cost you about 10 pence per minute. However, the rates may vary depending on when during the day the call is being made.

As for mobile phones, the calling cost of 01913 area code is anywhere in between 10 to 40 pence per minute. The reason for this is that different network companies have different calling rates. 

You will have to check with your mobile phone provider to know the exact charges of calls made to 01913 area code.   


So, now you have everything you need to call an 01913 area code no matter where you are. 

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