01709 Area Code

Have you been wondering why each area has its own code? If you live in Rotherham, you will be using 01709 area code to contact the locals. If you are interested in the history, dialing method, and costs of 01709, this article is the right place for you.

Part 1: What Is the 01709 Area Code?

Like Edinburgh has 0131 and Birmingham has 01213, all the major network regions in the UK are assigned their unique area codes for easier management and better accessibility.

The areas with a larger population have more than one area code, like with Sheffield which has multiple area codes i.e. 0114 and 01143. These codes help the national grid to keep a track of registered phone numbers from all the areas.

Rotherham, a small town situated in South Yorkshire county, is assigned 01709 as the dialing code. There are more than 200,000 numbers in Rotherham which are registered on this area code. Thus, all the calls to and from this region have 01709 in their beginning.

All the neighboring areas of Rotherham are also registered under the same area code. These areas comprise of Parkgate, Goldthorpe, Maltby, Rotherham, Wath-upon-Dearne, Rawmarsh, Conisbrough, Thrybergh, Wickersley, and Mexborough.

Before 16th April 1995, 0709 was the phone code for the Rotherham area. All the calls from these areas contained this code in the prefix.

However, during the great telephonic overhaul in the UK, an additional digit ‘1’ was inserted in all the UK area codes to increase numerical sequence by tenfold. The same happened to the Rotherham area code and it was altered from 0709 to 01709.

Part 2: Dialing 01709 Area Code in the UK and From Abroad

You can access all the registered phone numbers in Rotherham by using the 01709 area code in the prefix. Just remember that there is no need to dial area code if you are reaching out to a local number in the same area code.

The system has already got an area code with that number. It will detect it automatically and will connect your call. The correct format for dialing a Rotherham phone number within the UK is 01709 XXX XXXX.

But in case of international calls you need to keep in mind that along with area codes, the special access code of the country also needs to be dialed. So, if you are located outside the UK, you will need to remember the below sequence for dialing Rotherham number:

  1. Enter the international access code 00.
  2. Dial the country code for the UK i.e. 44.
  3. Next, you will put the Rotherham area code excluding the 0 i.e. 1709 (For international calls only)
  4. Lastly, dial your destination contact number.

Therefore, the final look will be like 00 44 1709 XXX XXXX.

Part 3: How Much Does Calling 01709 Area Code Cost?

How much will it cost to call my Grandma in Rotherham on weekends? What are call rates for me to call my younger brother who is in a boarding school in Rotherham? Well, honestly there is no single answer.

Call costs may differ hugely from one network provider to another. The price range could be around 10p-12p per minute when calling from the landline during the peak hours, 5p-10p per minute in off-peak hours.

Normally there are cheaper rates in non-peak hours also landlines happen to be more affordable than mobile phones for area calls. If you are a mobile user, the price is more expensive. It can cost you 30p -50p per minute.

Yet, no one can certainly tell you call costs because a lot of other factors influence these costs. You can contact your telephone or mobile service provider for more details about call charges. to get your call rates information with precision to your area.

Final Word

01709 area code is the unique dialing code for Rotherham and its suburbs. You can use the instructions provided above to get in touch with your peers in Rotherham.

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