01524 Area Code

The 01524 area code is needed to dial when you are calling someone in Lancaster. The code also covers a few other surrounding locations in the North-West part of England. 

But before you make that call, take a look at this guide that has all the information you need on the Lancaster area code, including the dialing method and the costs you should expect.

Part 1: What Is 01524 Area Code?

The 01524 dialing area code includes Lancaster and the surrounding area. It’s set at the intersection of 3 counties in the North-West part of England: Lancashire, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

Apart from the city of Lancaster, the 01524 area code UK also covers other locations in the area, like Arnside, Burton, Carnforth, Caton, Forton, Galgate, Halton on Lune, Hest Bank, Heysham, Morecambe and Silverdale.

But the main settlement of the 01524 area code is Lancaster. Famous for its university and medieval castle, this old city has its share of people and businesses using landlines. 

The Lancaster area code was transformed in 1995. Before that, you had to dial 0524 to call someone in that region. But available phone numbers were running low, so Ofcom organised an event called PhONEday to make the necessary changes.

They added ‘1’ between the trunk code and the area code, and this created a whole new supply of phone numbers all over the country. That’s how the 01524 area code was set for Lancaster. Local numbers are 6 digits long, so the current format is (01524) XXX XXX.

Part 2: Dialing 01524 Area Code Within and Outside of UK

You use the 01524 dialing code just like any other geographic number in England. It’s a simple dialing method, but it depends on where you want to call from. 

If you are in the Lancaster region and are calling from a landline, 01524 is not necessary. If you are within the UK, the 01524 area code is mandatory if you are calling from a landline in another region or from a mobile phone. 

When you call from abroad, there are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter the international access code.
  2. Then, dial the country code, which is 44 for the UK.
  3. Use the 01524 area code, without the 0.
  4. Finally, enter the local number.

Part 3: Calling Cost of 01524 Area Code

Just as it happens with all landline numbers in the UK, the cost of a call to the 01524 UK area code depends on the type of phone you are using.

If you call from a landline, the cost is usually 10p per minute. But depending on the provider, you may have certain hours when you can even call for free. That’s usually possible outside peak hours, in the evening and on weekends.

When you use the 01524 area code from a mobile phone, costs depend on your provider. The usual rate can go from 10p to 40p per minute. But you may have reduced rates and even free minutes included in the contract.

Sum Up

The 01524 area code stands for Lancaster and the surrounding area. It uses a simple dialing method and the cost of a normal landline call. 

But you could also use a virtual phone number, even if there’s no physical connection to the Lancaster area. This can be a great option for a company that wants to expand to the Lancaster market because clients will be more open to a local number. 

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